Reconciliation Essay Topics

Four Steps in the Ministry Of Reconciliation

As humans live side-by-side, conflicts are bound to happen among various people. Such disagreements occur due to various factors, for example, humanity’s natural tendency to admire sin as well as some person’s unacceptable tendencies. Owing to this phenomenon, reconciliation is a vital aspect in ensuring proper human relationships. The 4-step process that is fundamental in… View Article

Burma’s Dilemma: Reconciliation versus Reconsolidation

Burma was initially a province in the Indian empire but became a self-governing state when it gained its independence in 1948 from the Commonwealth (South 7). The country has faced a series of different types of governance from when it gained independence. Gen. NE WIN subjected the country under military rule right after independence, then… View Article

Burkes Speech on Reconciliation

Burke’s 1775 speech on the American colonies is a natural outgrowth of the famously conservative point of view of the great Irish statesman. This is a systematic work in that Burke lays out a series of concepts, concepts connected to a certain cultural type, that has led to the American demand of freedom from the… View Article