Recognition Essay Topics

The Evolution of Voice Recognition

Aw the Dictaphone! What an extraordinary invention. This device has been used to record spoken notes of medical professionals to be transcribed at a later date for over a century. The Dictaphone has truly been an icon in the health care industry and will be missed. Since its invention health care has underwent so many… View Article

The process of face recognition

The process of face recognition, identification, and categorization is something that almost all people do in their everyday lives. Although it may seem like a simple task, it is still an essential process that not only do computers attempt to build technologies that target face recognition, but studies psychologically, in particular, also prove that this… View Article

Curriculum Guide for Spoken Language and Word Recognition

Spoken language and word recognition are two language components that bear relevance for the development of language skills. This kind of development normally occurs during childhood but it also happens when a person attempts to learn a language or languages that are foreign to him or her. A special education guided with a comprehensive curriculum… View Article