Recognise the impact of prejudice Essay

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Recognise the impact of prejudice

Three of the examples of prejudice or stereotyping in Task 9 and describe what strategies/methods as a community interpreter would use to influence/educate agencies in overcoming these barriers. Write about what systems agencies already have in place to overcome these particular barriers.

Example 1: The Iranian Interpreter, how would you deal with this situation in a professional manner?

Get to know a person on an individual basis before you decide if you don’t like them. You’re not going to like everyone, but you do need to respect them as an individual and spend time with them before you make a judgment. You need to realize that your way isn’t the only way.

Example 2: People who came from an Arab background and who attended mosques were looked at differently. This means that people you passed every day on the street were given a discrimination.This is not fair treatment

Learn about different cultures and people to understand differences between yourself and others. As you learn more, you can relate to other people better even when differences exist. You need to go where you are in the minority and experience what it is like to be in that situation.

Example 3:Many people have the view of a person with mental illness as someone who is violence-prone.

Be respectful of differences. You need to be able to agree to disagree. Even if you don’t have eye contact with each other, you will feel and know that their attitudes and behavior.

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