Reasons Why You Should Go to College

A trade-off is the point at which you surrender a chance to acquire another opportunity with advantages that is useful to you. Fundamentally, saying for each decision you make, you surrender something. Opportunity cost is when you lose a potential gain from one choice you could’ve made by choosing another one.

For young adults there is a crucial decision to make when leaving high school, and that decisions is whether to go straight into work or go to college. People who choose to go straight to work help demonstrate future employees that they have a wealth of experience in the workplace.

By doing this it helps them stand out from people who went straight to college because they kind of lack real work experience but the still have the knowledge of that specific work environment.  Also, most people don’t go straight to college due to the expensive fees of college life. Everybody isn’t guaranteed to get full scholarship, or even half of a full scholarship to help pay college tuition.

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As you may know there are ton of people who c0me from a non-wealthy or stable financial family that can pay for college. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that people who graduate will be able to get a job at the end of it. On the other hand, people who choose to go to college right out of high school, shows the employer that you have determination and the ability to manage time and learn new things.

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Also, in order for you to have certain careers it inquires certain degrees.

My preferred choice is going straight to college after I graduate. One of my careers I want too purse is phlebotomy. Before going the cost for online courses is between $300 and $700, for technical school its between $700 and $1400, and for a typical university or college its $20,00 or more for eight semesters. During school it can range between $600 and $2,500 due book fees and test fees. After school there shouldn’t really be a cost unless you left off a sum of money to pay for tuition or etc. Some immediate benefits of becoming a phlebotomist is flexible learning paths, training is fast, build a long-term career in allied healthcare, receive awesome pay for entry level position and etc. Some lasting benefits includes retirement, insurance, medical, and dental benefits.

Scarcity is resolved in this situation by when going to college you can earn more money by scholarships to help with tuition, books, or even on campus living. For the people who choose work right after high school, the scarcity of money can be low due to them having a job and they can save up on money if planning the go to college or trade school for a degree. Also, they can apply for financial aid to help with fees.

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