Reasons Why Students Violate School Rules and Regulations


The researcher was an alumnus from a private secondary school in Legazpi City, he has been observing student violators facing real problems in the school.

This give way to decide in this type of study, the willingness and interest to know the reality in students behaviour on what reasons why students violates the rules and regulations inside the school.

At present, the researcher of this simple research is a first year student in A.B. Philosophy in Bicol University. Having this opportunity to learn the basic skill in writing under English 10 and as a final requirement in accomplishing the subject, the researcher never hesitate to present this simple and uncontrollable problems experience by teachers and parents on the child performances in the school. The chosen title, Reasons why students violate rules and regulations is something to use for reference by teachers and parents to discipline the child.

This is a simple and humble work of a beginner, inspired by the teacher in this subject and the encouraging manner of the researcher family and friends.

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This work made everything easy for reference and guidelines both for teachers, parents and students. And the researcher is ready to any correction from this noble work, so to develop more on this special skill in writing. The 4th yr. students in secondary schools in Legazpi City, both in public and private schools experience student violating schools rules and regulations. Despite of the disciplinary measures of each school, students violates willingly. This work will define student violators and as teachers and parents of these poor students, both performances will be addressed.

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And the purposes of this study are to widen the concern for child performances in the school, and for teachers and parents to check and note for student violators in a school.


In every heart, there is a need to discipline. Student violator is a heart that needs a support for discipline. Not only here in our own local school but worldwide. In every child officially enrolled in any school has the right to learn the social graces needed to developed self-discipline, to internalize discipline in every action and decision. The researcher would like to emphasize this simple yet uncontrollable problem among students to the local and national level. This study will also serve the purpose on reasons why the students violate rules and regulations, like the ones below: 1. Teachers and parents failed to implement a proper discipline among students. 2. The absence of recognition in every student profiles or portfolio. 3. Critical identification for every student’s behaviour, needs and reasons. 4. Over – protectiveness and misuse authority.

Thus, the purpose of this research is to widen the awareness on reasons why the students violate rules and regulations, to be familiar of their performances, in support to teachers/parents to discipline properly the child through the check and note for student violators in school. As one challenge in education, the most important aspect is to discipline the child and eventually to internalize it.


The study consists of 4th year students in Legazpi City, from Divine Word College of Legazpi High School Department. The main objective of the study is to identify the reasons on why the student’s violates rules and regulations on their last year of study in the secondary school.

The researcher limits the research to secondary students in Legazpi City and for the 4th year students only, both from Divine Word College of Legazpi High School Department. This is to refer for a feasible results and better interest for teachers and parents to watch the child and guide to gain a better performance in the school.


Review of Related Literature
School is the training ground of any person officially enrolled to excel academically and for self-discipline to become a better individual. Schools provide the guidelines as disciplinary measures for students and for teacher supervisions. No school is exempted from student violators, very school year the school experience the difficulty in schools discipline. Teachers and parents are collaborators in disciplining the violators.


The researcher likes to focus on the following definition of terms so as to attain the research better and simple. 1. School, is an institution designed for teaching the students (or pupils) under the direction of teachers. ( 2. Student, is someone who attends an educational institution or someone who studies especially at a school. ( 3. Teacher, is the one who teaches in a school and a person especially hired by the school. (Learner’s Dictionary)3 4. Violations, is to break a law or regulations intentionally or unintentionally. (Webster New Dictionary) 4 5. Parent, is the caretaker of their offspring. (


The act of doing something that is not allowed by a law or rule and the act of ignoring or inferring with a person’s rights. (Learner’s Dictionary)6 In like manner, it is been an old story, when teen agers left home for school, they thrill at the first opportunity to test ”their wings” as a young adults.(SunSentinel.Com)7 freed from being under the all seeing eyes of their parents and often unwelcome supervision, judgements and penalties of their parents.

Some young student turns successfully in their new found freedom, but others turns violators due to lack of discipline and maturity as well. In this case, the researcher has discovered some basic solutions for this part. As the purpose of this study: 1. To widened the concern for child performances in the school 2. To create teachers and parents check and note for students violators in the school.

With this basic concepts, the researcher, emphasize the need to all records of a child performance while in the school, to prioritize the violators and teachers are encouraged to identify students and informed the parents. Likewise, parents are ask to become responsible to check and notes their child performances in the school.

Internationally, some violators failed to confess the causes of their irresponsible acts in the school, Some are victims of maltreatments of parents which the students denies all truth and sometimes violators are victims of their own teachers like in Darling Town state a primary school teacher who was previously accused of attempting to “dack” a student and investigated for “kissing and cuddling” (, What effects will it brings to a child in the future? It could be a lost to authority in the school and even to parents and which could turn to become violators in the school. The reason some people break rules is because it may make them look cool, or it may be funny, but sometimes people just don’t know better. Remember that everyone was raised differently, so don’t discriminate, Just try to get along. And sometimes getting in trouble is fun, or sometimes worth it, it depends on who you are. (

Schools have policies that are being implemented for the general welfare of its constituents. These policies provide a set of rules that the students, teachers, etc. should follow. These rules are necessary for the order and uniformity of the students within the school premises. Even with the presence of these rules, some of the students violate them disregarding the sanctions that go along with it. The word policy originated from the Latin word “politia” or “polity”. Defined as a definite course of action adopted for the sake of expediency, facility, etc.; an action or procedure conforming to or considered with reference to prudence or expediency. (

Here are some violations that are commonly violated by students, students skip school. Students skip school; it is the behaviour that the children have not enjoyed to learn then they avoid or escape from the school. In my opinion, I totally agree this problem is occurred from several reasons which their family and teachers should coordinate to solve this problem. First reason which may affect student to abstain from school; the child cannot understand the lesson, then they lack of interest in learning and a focus on learning. So, it may make them to have an experiencing failure in school and lower academic achievement. In additional, they may not have the close friends and their friends may threaten them. Second reason, their family is unhappy, poor or rich but lack of love and care from their parents. And the last reason is school and teacher, they do not understand children. There are strict rules and teacher is an authoritarian and inflexible or teacher may punish severely student.

Also some teacher has the teaching method as not interesting. These reasons should influence students to keep away from school. For the ways to solve the problem, family and teachers should be the main person to solve the problem, thus I thought that it should begin at home first. Whenever the parents have been known the disappointment because of their child, then they should calm their anger first to find the cause of the children leaving school. The parents should not refer to the question “Why….” to their child but the parents should begin with love and understanding, and ready to forgive them. Then, the parents begin to solve the problems and engage with the children and the school in order to provide opportunities and activities to reduce the value feeling of children and attitude of children since someone thought that they devalue.11. The next thing to be discussed is about why kids join Gangs; this can be also one reason why students are motivated to violate school rules.

Why do Kids join Gangs? Factors motivating kids to join gangs vary individual to individual. A multitude of social and economic reasons can be involved. Power, status, security, friendship, family substitute, economic profit, substance abuse influences, and numerous other factors can influence kids to join gangs. Gang members also cross all socio-economic backgrounds and boundaries regardless of age, sex, race, economic status, and academic achievement. Gang violence typically involves a larger number of individuals Gang-related violence tends to be more retaliatory and escalates much more quickly than non-gang violence Gang activity is usually more violent in nature and often involves a greater use of weapons. School and public safety officials must look at gang activity differently and not as one-on-one, isolated incidents.

Otherwise, the problem can escalate so quickly that a school lunchroom fight between rival gang members will escalate into a potential drive-by shooting just hours later at school dismissal. School officials must still discipline individual students involved in gang offenses on a case-by-case basis based upon their individual actions in violating school rules, but educators must see the forest with the trees and recognize that these offenses are interrelated and part of a broader pattern of gang-related misconduct and violence.

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