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Should You Go to College?
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College is not for everyone, high school graduates are often pushed to believe that in order to achieve a higher-level education and to compete in better-paying jobs, one must enroll in college. Students are pressured into enrolling into college based off of society standards, where they should be encouraged to take whatever academic path is right for their career goals. President Obama has also encouraged students to attend college for at least an extra year after graduating from high school.…...
Reasons To Go To College
Should Everyone Go To College?
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Some say college is for everyone, while others say college is the choice of the student. Since its introduction into mainstream society in the 1600s, college has been a controversial topic. Some high schools adopt the belief that all students should attend college after high school. For example, an intelligent and economically comfortable young woman has just entered her freshman year of high school, where the common belief is that all students should attend college no matter the student’s wants…...
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Why i decided to go to college?
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When I think about college I think about a lot of studying and not enough time for myself. But I know that when I graduate college I will have many opportunities available. Going to college has affected my life in many ways, but in the end it will all pay off. I then decided that I wanted to go to college because I want a better future. After I graduated high school, I never thought about college. The reason I…...
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Three Reasons to Attend College
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There are many reasons to participate in college, for a lot of us we are pushed by our moms and dads to get the highest level of education, potentially an education they haven't obtained themselves. We are taught at an early age that education is the "just" method to attain success. I believe that is no chance to press a person to go to school. I believe we all have an option to option what we desire to do, and…...
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People attend college or university for many different reasons
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People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. People attend college or university for many different reasons. However, in my opinion, I think that people attend college or university because they want to prepare for their career and to increase knowledge. Now I elaborate the two reasons why I think this way. The…...
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Why i decided to go to college?
...My parents are great, they never tell me to get a job, because they know that I have to much papers and exams at the top of my head. They always tell me to focus on my studies and don’t worry about a job, that they will support me. That made it les...
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