Reasons People Eat Junk Food Instead of Healthy Food

Recently l have read two essays about junk food. The writers, David Freedman and Moss, said that some food companies are trying to make junk food healthier in order to solve the obesity problem. They also gave some examples. The most interesting one was Mcdonald’s. They said they wanted to decrease the fat, energy and sugar in their food to achieve the goal ofhealthy food’. However, l have a different idea. I strongly believe that there is no way to change what junk food really is.

Because of the profile for junk food companies, the costs and how fast to make them

First of all, junk food companies need to make money. There are a lot of junk food companies in this world like Chipotle, Wendy’s, KFC and so on. Latin America, the Middle East and Asia are the top three places where the junk food industry is growing fastest. Basic on the date of Millward Brown, the ten biggest fast food companies worth 240 billion dollars.

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Only in America, we have 275,000 fast-food restaurants and fast-service restaurants. The income is 225 billion dollars. It is really big money. At the same time, the competition between companies is huge. Under the influence of needs and income of customs, the profile of each company relies on how they are going to sell the food and the way they make food. Many of those companies only focus on selling one product.

Hamburgers is about 40 percent, but sandwich, pizza chicken and Mexican restaurants are ten percent.

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So they have to make people want to buy their products. The most important thing is taste. It is sugar, salt, fat, a lot of meat and MSG that makes junk food so delicious. If they are gone, junk food isn’t tasty any more. After that, junk food companies have no money to make. That’s why I don’t agree with Freedman. The money they spend on seasoning and raw materials are the two fifth of the price they sell them. On the other hand, the good and healthy materials are much much more expensive than them. That cause those companies refuse to use healthy food, which will cost them more money. At the same time, the reason why junk food is so delicious is because of those unhealthy materials. And people love this kind of taste, so they are willing to spend money to buy them. Unluckily, if junk food companies took those things away, there wouldn’t be so many people buying their products and they would lost money. It seems impossible to let junk food companies produce healthy food. This us, not the only reason why I disagree with them.

The second reason is that it is not a way to save money on food for people. Moss said that junk food have lower price in order to make the poor can afford them. As far as I think, it is totally wrong. In Chicago the taco bell restaurant near Logan square, a grilled corn pancake sells for more than $5, a steak taco is larger than the Mexican restaurant near the more expensive meal.

Although the price of fast food is often because of differences among regions, but more expensive trend seems to be the common trend in the United States. Since 2009, whether in a grocery store or in a restaurant, all food prices are rising at the rate of similar. But according to the United States department of agriculture data, since around 2009, growth model divided. This is because unlike supermarkets, restaurants mainly made up of Labour and rental price. A lower cost of agricultural and food commodities grocery store help keep food prices, but not catering enterprises feel the benefits. Dining out is very expensive. Pentallect foodservice consulting Inc., a partner at Bob golding said the fast-food restaurant menus in the past ten years has experienced continuous upgrades, ‘the upgrade is mainly in terms of price, of course.’ In fact, fast food menu prices are close to the more modern, more modern, like selling ‘from farm to table’ food chain of restaurants. In 2012, as a Habit Burger or Shake Shack Inc., and another recreational fast-food chain Burger was more expensive than fast food out nearly 30% but due to the fast food Burger prices rose faster and faster, with a median of the gap has narrowed to less than 8 3% societe generale, senior U.S. economist Omar Sharif said that with the increase of wages and workers spending, the franchisee has to raise prices to maintain profit margins. The price of the fast food chain competition more intense than full-service restaurants. In Arkansas has 23 burger king restaurants Dominique Vries says, he might be raised some food prices in January 2019, the state minimum wage rose 75 cents, is that he must face the problems in the adjustment of food prices. Although junk food looks like much cheaper than other healthy food, people will feel hunger in a shut time after they have eaten junk food. They need to buy more and more. If people do a calculation, they will find out they spend more money on junk food. What’s more, eating lots of junk food is harmful to human beings. As we all know, it is super expensive to go to the hospital. Poor people do not have that much money, so if they keep eating junk food, they will get sick, then they will put plenty of money on the hospital. Moss’ thought is not right and even it is a bad idea.

In the end, another reason why people buy junk food is it can be made really quickly. It requests to use a lot of oil, salt, sugar, a big fire, and many other things. All of those things make junk food has fat and extra-energy. Although fast food has the characteristics of convenient, efficient, fast food the health impact is obvious.Fast food nutrition disequilibrium.

Only pay attention to meat, carbohydrate and fat kind of food supply. And the lack of the supply of vegetables, fruit and other food. Long-term consumption of fast food can cause human nutrition imbalances, which suffer from a variety of diseases. Fast food contains a much higher energy supplied by grease and monosaccharides. Easy to make the human body is taken too much energy. If people consume too much fat, particularly animal fat, can lead to high cholesterol, heart health hazard. Researchers published in science, the report says, from the fast-food chains, Jackson, Mississippi, to buy two chicken nuggets, after test, found the actual ingredients not all chicken. The study found that the first chicken content about 50% and other 5% is composed of fat, blood vessels and nerves, especially with the nerve cells in the majority of the skin and gut parts; The second chicken content about 40 % F other 60% fat, cartilage and bone. A member of the team, a professor at the University of Mississippi medical center Wear Thurzo said, judging from the results, some of the fast food industry the chicken not with low-fat plain white chicken, but add a lot of chicken giblets and other artificial ingredients, and then Fried, but still call it a chicken, actually it is a byproduct of chicken, high quantity of heat, high salt, high sugar and fat, is very unhealthy food. Wear Thurzo, says prof chicken is one of the best sources of protein, physicians often encourage patients to eat chicken, chicken is one of the children’s favorite food, because chicken delicious, the price is relatively cheap, but often eat chicken will lead to childhood obesity, and may even suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, bone arthritis or its complications. As early as ten years ago, the American Society for chicken nuggets of composition and processing. In 2003, a group of obese adolescents against fast-food giant McDonald’s junk food will damage their health, the New York federal judge although he dismissed the case, but his judgment to McDonald’s chicken nuggets have a new definition: chicken Mc Nuggets is more than a pan Fried chicken, it is McDonald’s creation science monsters, including a variety of ingredients can not be used in home cooking.’In addition, the seasoning in most fast food is very thick, contains a lot of salt, the diet for a long time, can make the heart vascular and kidney damage. Then the food will turn into junk food. For employees, students or anyone in a hurry, junk food is a good way to save time. So junk food makers like KFC and Mcdonald’s are marketing to these people. Junk food often has a connection with fast food. If junk food is not fast anymore, people buy another food to replace them. I think this is a good reason of junk food will never become healthy.

All in all, there are only two ways for people. One of them is getting rid of junk food, the other one is don’t pay attention to health issues. I think Freedman and Moss have the same points that are wrong. In the present day, the profile of junk food, the price of junk food, and the time of making junk food are the three important reasons why junk food wouldn’t be changed.

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