Reasons for Travel Essay

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Reasons for Travel

More and more people all over the world prefer to spend their holidays travelling. Rich or poor, old or young, they strive to leave the place where they live or work, and move to another spot of our planet — at least for two to four weeks a year. They travel to cities and towns, mountains and lakes, across oceans and seas. There are several reasons why the popularity of travel and tourism is growing.

The first one is educational value of travelling. Man has always moved from one place to another in search of knowledge. Even now, in the age of technology and global communication, travelling to a different region or country can help discover new ideas, technologies and inventions. The best way of studying geography is travelling, the best way to help you master a foreign language is travelling, too.

Moreover, a special kind of tourism has developed, called educational tourism when people travel to study a foreign language or to take up a course in one or several other subjects. The second reason why people travel is entertainment and rest. To see great buildings and natural wonders, listen to national music, get some knowledge about traditions and ways of different countries, taste new cuisine gives us new emotions, helps drive away the stress.

Thirdly, there are special reasons. A lot of new types of travelling have appeared like ecotourism, educational tourism, sports tourism. A lot of people travel on business. Now, with the growth of international trade people have a lot of chances to do business with foreign partners, and they do it willingly. Some people have additional reasons to like travelling. When travelling, they do sports, or take care of their health, or get new contacts.

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