Reasons for a Dysfunctional Family Essay

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Reasons for a Dysfunctional Family

Reasons for in case of dysfunctional families/child abuse + neglect
* Drugs/alcohol
* Parents leaving kids to fend for themselves
* Less belonging to churches + moral life lessons
* Parent separation + divorce
* Baby bonus may encourage people to have children for the wrong reasons

What are the positive effects of a positive (good) self-esteem?

]Positive outlook
Positive thoughts
Good self-esteem level
Good confidence

Self Confidence

1. Self-confidence is the belief or feeling that a person has about themselves, which assists them to achieve in life. The development of self-confidence may be influenced by culture, environment, age, ability, life experiences, gender, parenting expectations. 2. The factors that may contribute to the positive or negative development is a poor outlook, poor body image, dysfunctional family. Your culture, environment, age, ability, life experiences, gender, parenting expectations. 3. The perceptions of femininity and masculinity on an individual’s development of self-confidence is strong gender classifications and stereotypes can make –girls in particular- feel less than boys. In some cultures, even in our own, females are pushed into a lesser mental state, not being able to achieve as much. 4. A) Achieves poor academics – negative

B) Struggles to make friends – negative
C) Takes on new challenges – positive
D) Feels good about their achievements – positive


1. Heredity is the variation in individual growth and development is partly a result of heredity or genetic factors. Genes contribute to differences between males and females and between individuals of the same gender. They also contribute to the similarities between people. Accepting physical appearance and difference, along with other inherited traits, is an important part of development. Genes directly determine an individual’s hair, skin and eye colour, and certain health conditions.

Heredity also has a strong influence on other individual characteristics, including height, weight, and even personality. Body shape is largely controlled by genetic characteristics and, although it may be altered by factors such as diet and exercise, it cannot be dramatically changed. 2. The factors that may impact positively or negatively on an individual’s development through heredity are: Positive – olive skin doesn’t blush, good health, tall, fast metabolism Negative – inherited disorders/illnesses, fair skin burn easily, very short, slow metabolism – prone to weight gain easily, drug/alcohol – negative traits (e.g. foetal alcohol syndrome), physical appearance that draws negative attention from peers, allergies (e.g. beestings, peanuts, grasses etc.)


Environment refers to the external (pressures) factors that influence an individual’s development. Environmental influences on individuals change as they move through their life cycle. Example – Baby is influenced by family, a child is influenced by child care/grandparents/carers, kid/teenager is influenced by peers and teachers at school. * Low socio-economic household

* Unhappy/unsatisfied parents (angry household, lack of attention, child may be scapegoat, low esteem) * Loving, secure, stable household

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