Reason We Go to College Essay

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Reason We Go to College

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to get a degree in higher learning. Some of the reasons are; the love of learning, the chance to get away from their parents and be on their own. While others do it for the promise of a better future or just because they think that it is the right thing to do. Needless to say, there are countless reasons why we choose to further our education. Just like there are different reasons people go to college, there are different ways that people learn best. I will be telling you a little bit about my desire to earn my college diploma and how I think I learn best.

Lots of people like to make money ever since currency was created and that is one of my motivations to complete college. According to Shaffer (2010), the top five reasons that people go to college are: to get an education, to expand their circle of awareness, to discover their passion, to network and to challenge themselves. I agree with all of these but as a parent, I also want to provide a great lifestyle for my children and complete what I’m teaching them to aim for. I love learning new things and having knowledge in my head instead of having to grab a dictionary, my phone or a computer to understand something.

Though I love to increase my knowledge base, there are certain styles of learning that I excel in learning over others. Learning styles is new to me. All through high school and the first two years of college I have never heard of learning styles. I did know that I was more interested in a subject if a teacher/professor was lively, animated or just really excited about what they were teaching. I thought that’s how everyone else was. I was mistaken with that mindset. I took a couple of quizzes and learned that a few styles were my preferred method of learning.

As written in Attribute advanogy. om (2004), There are seven main learning styles and they are: Visual (spatial), Aural (auditory), Verbal (linguistic), Physical (kinesthetic), Logical (mathematical), Social (interpersonal) and Solitary (intrapersonal). The tests that I took with Attribute (2004) and The Center for New Discoveries (2012), show that my preferred learning styles are verbal, aural, social and physical. My logical score was pretty high but it only showed up on one of the test results. The result are based on what I call the normal person standard, but I do not consider myself normal.

Since that is the case, I will let you know if I agree with the results. Do I see myself as a verbal learner? Yes, because I love to talk and I like being able to get feedback instantly. I would rather give an oral presentation than type up a paper. If someone is lecturing on a subject, I will retain it easily if there is dialogue going back and forth in the class. The aural style I do not agree with as much because I can listen to music all day but if it is about school and it is something that I have to listen to, I will be going to sleep. I really enjoy touching things so the physical is a no brainer for me.

I crave taking things apart to see how they work. As I said, I love to talk and I cannot talk to myself without being considered crazy, so yes, I am a social learner and I thrive off of others ideas. So, the tests got a three out of four which is not bad. Earning a college degree does not only hold the reward of monetary increase but it provides a sense of accomplishment and an example for our children who will be our future. Knowing how you learn best as an individual can help you know your shortcomings and prevent pitfalls and roadblocks on the road to a degree.

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