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Reason to adopt the hybrid approach

As discussed in the sections above, the research objective is to study the supply chain implications on the global sourcing in the apparel industry. Though the literature review of the study shows different concerns on supply chain implications of the global sourcing gin apparel industry, the study was not able to find the actual reasons for the adoption of the global sourcing irrespective of perceived risks.

And this reveals that there are some unidentified factors underlining the adoption of sourcing methodology rather than the convinced facts.

Hence after conducting the preliminary research, the study has chosen to evaluate the sourcing methodology variables by using the survey questionnaire to understand what makes companies to adopt global sourcing and by adopting case study method to identify the real time sourcing strategy of an implementing company.

The researcher’s challenge is not just generating data

Considering Dibb, Simkin, Pride, and Ferrell’s (2001, p. 167) statement: “the researcher’s challenge is not just generating data, but in creating a vision from that data”, the study also analyzes the facts backing up the global sourcing through different sources like survey and by observing a case study, henceforth adopts the following approach.

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The study identifies hybrid method suitable in solving the objective of the paper so adopts Case study analysis and a quantitative analysis for the present paper. Case Study Approach:

Case studies are the preferred research strategy when ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘why’ questions are being asked, when the researcher has little control over the event, or when the research is being carried out in a real-life context (Burns, 1990; Yin, 1988).

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Yin (1988, p. 23) defines a case study as: “An empirical study that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context; when the boundaries between the phenomenon and context are not clearly evident; and in which multiple sources of evidence are used”.

Case-study protocol

Case studies also allow a researcher to “reveal the multiplicity of factors which have interacted to produce the unique character of the entity that is the subject of study” (Yin, 1988, p. 82). Yin (1994) recommended the use of case-study protocol as part of a carefully designed research project that would include the following sections:

  • Overview of the project (project objectives and case study issues)
  • Field procedures (credentials and access to sites)
  • Questions (specific questions that the investigator must keep in mind during data collection); and
  • Guide for the report (outline, format for the narrative) (Yin 1994, p. 64)

The unit of analysis is a critical factor in the case study. It is typically a system of action rather than an individual or group of individuals. Case studies tend to be selective, focusing on one or two issues that are fundamental to understanding the system being examined. As suggested by Yin (1994) the three principles of data collection for case studies, are: 1. Using multiple sources of data 2. Creating a case study database 3. Maintaining a chain of evidence

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