Reason for Choose John Hopkins University

Out of the choices, John Hopkins University (JHU) is a very good school. JHU actually has a laboratory built into a university. JHU has an acceptance rate of 12.5% which is low for a university, but it is decent acceptance rate for a high ranked university. The graduation rate is really high, it is 93.6%. JHU is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The cost for JHU is $53,400.

A pro for JHU is that it has a very high graduation rate. A con for JHU is that it is very expensive.

With all expenses paid it would cost $71, 901. The tuition for JHU is $53,740. Books and supplies cost $1,240. Room and board cost $15,836.

Another pro for JHU is that it has a very high ranking in the medical school world. Another con for JHU is that it is very very expensive to go to, but it has very very good education. JHU is ranked #10 in the leaderboard of education. Compared to the most expensive school which has a yearly tuition of around ,000.

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JHU is the ninth most expensive university.

JHU is better than any of the other colleges because it has been ranked number four for the food they serve. They serve high quality, organic, and locally sourced food. They have made 400 student run clubs. Also, they have over 50 community service groups. If you live in JHU then you will have access to places like lounges, community, kitchens, game rooms, and gyms.

When JHU reads your application they look for your academic character, the impact you make, your initiative, and they also look for your personal contributions.

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If you have a disciplinary history or a criminal history that will no effect your chances of being accepted. If you do not know if your application file is complete then they will notify you and tell you. If you are home schooled then you will have to meet high school curricular standard expected of all applicants. If you have parents that graduated JHU that will not affect your application form. If you are looking for a certain major than on your application form you will need to put the major you would like under where it says first choice major. If you would like a financial aid you would need to fill the application out by that November 15. To join JHU you would need to have a GPA of 3.93.

That is why JHU is the best college out there. JHU has a high graduation rate. JHU is ranked number 4 for their food. JHU doesn’t care about your disciplinary history or your criminal history. JHU may be expensive but it will be worth your while.

Updated: Sep 14, 2021
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