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Essay on Reality TV

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Gang Representation in Sons of Anarchy

I believe the FX network and Kurt Sutter could do more to better represent the crime equally. It might be better to actually put one of the Sons of Anarchy behind bars for once. Instead of them continually getting away they could show the real-life struggle of having members constantly going to jail. It would be both more realistic and more equal criminal representation. Kurt Sutter could also spe...

Truman Show and Allegory of the Cave Reality

The constrained world in which Truman lives in increases uncertainties about his seeming freedom. In order to determine what is real or not, Truman first doubts everything about the world around him and starts to set about trying to discover what was the truth, questioning his acquaintances and trying to leave the place he had always known. These were similar actions to those of the prisoner in Pl...

Netflix Analysis

So the company should invest in software technologies in user friendly. The software will be able to grab consumers’ eyes in order to help the company maintain the large market share. In addition, the company should incorporate software products that block any illegal files downloading or unauthorized access or copying of its products. This could help block illegal usage of its video products an...

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Game shows on television

I believe these shows might be able to make it for awhile as long as the TV station can dish out what the audience demands of them. Once the viewers have had enough of the craze, then these game shows will most likely go off the air for another fifty years or so until they get revived again by another curious generation who wants to win big. Next time, the stakes will most likely be higher than $1...

MTV: Target Market and Demographics

Second, MTV educates and familiarizes today's teenage culture with the changing society. Thirdly, MTV devotes all of its programming to serve the interest of the public demographic. There are many reasons why MTV is aiming to capture the teenage audience. First, today's teenage culture bases their agendas around the mass media. It is very common for teenagers to arrange their plans around certain ...

Marketing and advertising on TV

Knowing what the target audience is for the entire channel and commissioning programmes to fit those demographics. The continuity announcements, graphics and logos are all integral to this process. For example a 'yoof' announcer may put off many viewers of BBC1, however, a specialist channel may utilise this characteristic to make their target audience feel more at home with the channel and it's c...

Democratic debate in "talk show"

However, ultimately these companies are after as much money as they can get and if this melodrama and scandal, this dumbing down of television, which surely this is, is what 'the people' are going to watch then we have to be careful-who knows what is next; perhaps they will put 10 people in a house together without any outside contact, film them 24 hours a day and broadcast it live on national tel...

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