Reality in Inception Essay

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Reality in Inception

Reality and illusion in the movie inception is a theme that is being debated a lot today. But what is reality and illusion anyway. Well reality is the state of what actually exists and has existed. On the other hand illusion is everything that does not exist but seems to exist. An example of an illusion is dreaming. When people dream it seems like everything they see is real but in reality it is just a hallucination. In the movie inception there have been a lot of debates on whether the last scene was a dream or not?

Some say that is not a dream because the totem moves and that implies that it will fall in the near future. On the other hand some say that it is still an illusion because his kids are wearing the same close and playing in the same garden as in his memory. The last scene in the inception is not a dream because Cobb was not wearing his ring, he saw his kids and how he arrived home. In the movie when Mal first introduced the idea of inception and going into people’s dreams.

Mal and Cobb had to find a way to determine whether they were in a dream or in reality. So Mal suggested that each person would have an object they called the totem. Mal totem was the spinning object it would keep spinning if they were in a dream and would fall or stop spinning if they were in reality. Cobb on the other hand chooses his ring after Mal died, they were only married in his dreams. This shows that if Cobb was dreaming then his ring was visible to the audience.

When he was in reality the ring was not visible and the director made sure it was not there. In the last scene in the movie inception Cobb is not wearing his ring which proves it happened in reality and it was not a dream. . The last scene in the inception is not a dream because Cobb was not wearing his ring. This verifies that seeing his kids happened in reality. In Inception Cobb clearly states that he cannot see his kids except if he is in reality. When Cobb and Ariadne are in the elevator and Cobb shows her his memories.

She asks him why he can’t just call his kids and live with them in his dreams. Cobb replies saying that he cannot see them except if he was in reality. He said that he wanted to see the real them not the fake them that where in his dreams. If he could have saw them he would have saw how he wanted them to be not the real them. On the other hand he did not remember how they looked exactly because he spent a lot of time away from them so he did not want to destroy their image by seeing them in his dream.

Another piece of evidence, that verifies that the last scene was not a dream, is that when Cobb and Mal where in limbo in the begging of the movie their kids where not with them. When Mal and Cobb first discovered inception they would come back to see their kids. But in the last scene Cobb actually sees his kids so that proves that it was reality. If it was limbo then he wouldn’t have saw them and they wouldn’t have been in his limbo. Some people say that the kids where the same age but they were not they aged two years and they were not wearing the same exact clothes.

All of the evidences prove that Cobb was not dreaming in the last scene because he actually saw his kids. In most of the dreams that Cobb and his team have been in the way they got into the dream or arrived there was not shown to the audience because it was a dream. In the last scene the director chooses to show you how Cobb got off the plane and arrived home to meet his kids. This ascertains that the last scene was not a dream because when they go into fisher’s dream the just appear there. There are several pieces of evidence that prove that the last scene is reality.

The first piece of evidence is that Cobb’s ring does not appear so that proves that is reality because it always appeared in his dreams. Secondly Cobb actually saw his kids’ faces and in his dreams he couldn’t see his faces. Thirdly in the last scene the director shows you how Cobb arrives home but in the dream scenes he does not show the audience how the character appear in fisher’s dream. The last scene in the inception is not a dream because Cobb was not wearing his ring, he saw his kids and how he arrived home. ” If the last scene is a dream then the whole movie is Just an illusion”.

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