Reality and Illusion Essay

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Reality and Illusion

What if I told you that we are all striving to be successful in a reality that doesn’t exist? What if I told you that everything you actually believed in, the nature, your family, your friends, and your life are just created by you? Have you ever thought that everything you have experienced up to now might be just a dream? Everything is just in the mind. It was summer vacation and I was just lying on my bed. I had nothing to do so I thought of a lot of things.

An idea entered my mind that this world is just a long, long dream and everything that is happening to me might be just something I made up myself. Then I thought that every people, object, event are just my imagination. And if I die, maybe everything will disappear and i will remain, or I’ll wake up and meet the truth and maybe I could understand what reality really is. “What is Real? What is Reality? ” is a question that I always pondered about when unwanted things happens to me. Reality is said to be the state of things as they actually exist or a fact that is proven of existence.

But how can you say that it actually exist and there is actual proof? At least once, you heard of something, but there was nothing there. You thought you saw someone from the corner of your eye, and when you looked there was no one there. Have you ever looked at an illusion and been deceived that one line was longer than the other, but in reality it wasn’t? When you look down from a high building, don’t people appear like small ants? In a dark room there was a rope and you could have mistaken it as a snake but when you open the lights, in reality it’s just a regular rope.

You see, Reality here is an objects actual state. But what if Reality is also an Illusion? This means that if we are wrong on some occasions then it is possible that things as we perceive are not the way at all, like an illusion. Everyday we encounter illusions because they are everywhere. When you watch a movie, you become hooked on it and you cheer for the character believing that it is happening that time, or when you hear words our brain automatically thinks that it directly came from the person’s mouth but in reality it came from the speakers.

When you go to sleep and dream, you are convinced that it is reality until you become conscious about it. Illusion for me is something we perceive by the five senses yet misinterpret what actually exist, thus deceiving oneself and end up believing what our mind creates. If our minds thinks and believes the definition of our own reality, then does this not mean that it is also an illusion? For example two people cheering for the opposite teams will no doubt see the event differently. Another reason because they have their own perspective. Then this means that reality varies from each person making this an illusion.

A conflict between reality and illusion was the plot in the famous science fiction “The Matrix” where a guy named Neo was the protagonist. There was a particular scene where Neo enters a room and meets Morpheus. Morpheus asks him “Do you believe in fate, Neo? ” and he replies “No. ”. Morpheus asked him why he didn’t believe in fate. Neo straight-forwardly answered “I don’t like he idea that I am not in control of my life. ” Morpheus then tells that Neo feels that there is something wrong with the world which is why he is there because of the matrix. Morpheus explains “The matrix is everywhere …

It is the world that blinds you from the truth. ” At the end of the conversation, Morpheus then holds his hands out and opens them revealing two pills and he says “Take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up on your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. ” Neo picks the red pill then he wakes up to the truth. There was also a scene where they were in a white room and there were only chairs and a T. V.. Morpheus then explains to him that these are data they implanted from a computer.

Neo decides and asks “This is real?” then Morpheus tells him “What is real? How do you define real. If you are talking about what you can feel, smell, taste and see then it is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. ” In this statement, I know that a scientist could send electrical signals or reactions to the brain using electrodes and let us see things that would seem like a real object. It something our brain sees but it is not what it is outside. So Neo learns and accepts what the true meaning of reality, he then posses supernatural powers. He could manipulate and defy the laws and bend the rule of nature and the world.

This might be just fiction but what if there is actually a glimpse of truth to it? Maybe we are like Neo. If there are really people who lives among us that can manipulate reality, then in our world there are actually people who are like Neo. There are actually people who are suspected to control and manipulate reality. The scientific geniuses who changed the course of human history such as Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, Wright Brothers, who invented the planes, and Albert Einstein, who created the formula of E=mc2. People who lived that exceeds the creativity and imagination of humans such as Da Vinci, Mozart, and Shakespeare.

Even athletes who defy the physical boundaries of humans such as Mohammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, and Michael Jordan. These are world renowned people who everyone cannot simply deny their expertise in their fields. Of course there are also ordinary people who live up to this day that have accomplished the extra-ordinary. A woman named Helene Hadsell who astonishingly wins every contest or sweepstakes she enters. In 50 years, she has already won cars, a 2 million dollar house, and numerous trips to Europe. If you think about the probability of her winning the contest she enters is like one in a trillion chance.

Still, how can she mysteriously defy the law of probability? Another story was about a 61 year old man named Frank who was fighting a fatal throat cancer for years. He did a radiation therapy and doctors said that he had 5% of surviving it but with the help of mental imagery, he was able to be cured completely and his cancer just vanished within 2 months. But these people are not the only one who experience these moments where they can manipulate reality. We have already experience brief moments that we shape our own reality. When was the last time you ever experienced sheer coincidence?

Like finding money in your pocket when you have no idea it was there and you needed it the most or hanging out in a cafe and meeting an old friend just when you were thinking about it or just when the one you love steps into your life just when you needed someone. I had experienced once just when I entered my last class of the day. Our teacher wasn’t present yet but he never had even one absence in our class. I thought that if he was going to be absent I wish it would be that day because I had a lot of things to do but I just shrugged the thought because I was thinking that it would be impossible unless he got sick or he had an emergency.

Right after I thought of it, a man entered the room and I assumed it was our teacher. He then annouced “No classes for today, Mr. Adducul apparently is sick. ” Everybody jumped with joy and left the room in a dash. Even with this small incident, it is possible that I could control reality. I think that these coincidence happen to people could be explained through the Holographic Theory by David Bohm and Karl Pribram. It explains that our world is a giant 3D hologram created by our minds and outside our minds are pure energy and vibrations.

Bohm and Pribram suggest that if their theory is true, then it could explain the countless phenomena which modern science can’t fully understan. Phenomena like ESP, psychic abilities, out-of-body or near-death experience, psychokinesis, placebo effect, and mind-body healing, that distorts and manipulate the holographic world. Our minds are that powerful and if we apply this theory then it means that we create our own reality and how we live in it. Like Gary Renard said, “The world is not being done to you, it is being done by you. ”

Even Albert Einstein said that “Reality is merely an Illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” by using Quantum physics. Quantum physics tells us that reality is far beyond human perception and intuition. In other words, our common sense and rational mind cannot are not capable of understanding the true nature of reality. Knowing reality is like asking what something looks like when no one is looking. But why do everyone see the illusion of reality and with similarity? I remember reading about it by Natasha Dern. We are human beings and are conditioned (illusions) to hold onto culture, religion, tradition and politics even at the expense of our well being.

Form these we shape ourselves. Illusions are learned and then passed on. Without us realizing, we live and express these distorted ideas, practices and patterns that influence our perceptions of reality and in turn create our reality. And then we point and say, “Look, that’s reality. ” But upon further exploration, we realize that our perception was the illusion all along and not reality itself You can actually change yourself and surpass boundaries and limits. Like they say, “Mind over matter”. This implies that the mind is more powerful than the body. What our minds believe, we believe, so the body achieves.

It’s also the reason why they say that “If you think you will win, you will win, but if you think you will lose, you have already lost. ” Our brain is what controls our body. Why do you think there are people who gets sick but doctors say it’s just psychological? Or say the phrase “It’s all in the mind” ? The mind is so powerful that we accept something that is true even though it does not exist. Therefore, everything that you thought are what the mind created which means it is an illusion of your mind. Every single person would have their own illusion.

The amazing thing about knowing that your thoughts, your life could just be a function of your own personal hologram or idea is that you could achieve impossible feats. Don’t let your mind control you, you should control your mind. What would you do now that you know that this isn’t reality? Would you still work hard in this world you created and live in it? How would you change your life? How would you change the world? I know that if I was going to choose between the red pill and the blue pill, I would choose the red one too. I will go deeper the rabbit hole and see the end of it.

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