Ready For New Achievements Essay

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Ready For New Achievements

To begin with, through all the writing assignments that I have written so far, I have showed to have the capacity to come out with good ideas. Thinking about possible reasons of the problem, consequences or even solutions to the topic, are all very important as the first step to begin. For instance, while writing assignment number two, I started with questions to make us think how armed guards may not be prepared to work with children, and I listed detailed examples on how its consequences can affect the kids’ welfare.

In doing so, it can make the readers think profoundly, and realize that there is more to worry about over its negative consequences. In other words, deeply comprehending the topic helps to increase my and the readers’ critical thinking and develop better viewpoints and conclusions. Having good concepts, motivated me to write well-developed writings. At the same time, profound thoughts lead me to overthink about the topic and make me spend more time on my writings. Having a lot of ideas to write about are sometimes not necessary.

An example of this situation is my “Kids With Better Futures” midterm writing assignment. Since this was an in class paper, I had to come out with strong and good ideas quicker than usual, but I tend to write some run-on sentences. Moreover, I couldn’t show all the ideas I had in that specific moment; because of the time I spent thinking about my main ideas. For example, I could also have written about my own experience as a child and how my parents have been a huge influence in my academic life, or how my environment and life style might affect the way “The Western” and “Chinese” parenting styles work.

Lacking several ideas made me feel that I did not completely show my thoughts or even feelings about the topic, which I think is one of my biggest weaknesses. Nevertheless, this 263 ESL class has helped me to learn how I can organize my ideas in each paragraph and create good topic sentences. For instance, at the beginning of the course I did not know the correct order in which I had to write out my main ideas.

I used to just write what I had in my mind, without taking into account that I was missing the organization of each paragraph, starting from the main idea, the controlling idea, paraphrase, and examples in the conclusion. As a result, my first writing assignment did not turn out that strong. But now, I know how to properly and correctly construct my paragraphs, and how to focus on each paragraph’s structure to make them look precise and clear. I took advantage of this class, learned as much as possible and I am completely prepared for the following levels.

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