Reading Review-A Good Soceity-Making Sense Of It Essay

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Reading Review-A Good Soceity-Making Sense Of It

Bella and his colleges may want to consider how cliques operate in the work environment to create industrial unrest and thereby destabilize institutional function. For example non management workers have organized themselves into groups and subtly perform a work to rule scenario. They try recruiting other employees into the gang so that the number of clique members can expand and be strengthened. This can be considered vital to Bellah’s typology of a ‘The Good Society’ and ‘Making Sense of it.

One wants to know what is really happening. Are designed conflicts, really functional or individuals motivated by their own selfish desires toward conflict? Precisely, Bella argues that ‘when faced with issues we do not understand we grasp for contexts which are more immediately intelligible. ’ (Bellah et. al 1992). Maybe the clique formation in the work environment is a more ‘immediate intelligible’ way of dealing with hostile management. Where is he weak? Which parts are not convincing?

Which parts are convincing? Mark these places on Bellah’s text. To critique Bella’s theoretical perspective of ‘A Good Society’ is to advance that he did not make assumptions based on any empirical evidence. They were all assumptive prepositions which are still to be placed in the laboratory of society to be tested. Sure he was speculating based on his observations, ‘our culture or our institutions may lead us to believe……. but then we need to change these assumptions. ’(Bellah et. l, 1992) Here is where the weakness lies and lacks scientifically convincing power even though these statements may be true.

On the other hand Bella and his colleagues ought to be commended for taking such a philosophical approach towards explaining the reality of ‘A Good Society’ in a effort to Make Sense of it in terms of what appears to be dysfunctional, ‘from their difficulties we hope to learn more about what the barriers are to thinking effectively about institutions and acting responsibly within them. (Bellah et. Al, 1992) Here the discussion concluded with the notion that it only when transformations take place within the institution can “The Good Society” ‘Make Sense of it” In this piece of literature a philosophical approach has been adopted in addressing the social issues prevalent in the American society today.

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