Reading Kant's "Immorality"

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I would like to begin the essay with a quote referencing the topic of euthanasia at hand which is the terminally ill are a class of persons who need protection from family, social, and economic pressures, and who are often particularly vulnerable to such pressures because of chronic pain, depression, and the effects of medication.' ... from the State of Alaska's arguments that assisted suicide is dangerous.

Sena and compares the desire of someone against the content of someone not content with their accomplishments & choices made throughout their lifetime and how those decisions may be may be affected their state of mind.

Now with that being said,” According to the moral teachings of Kant,” Kant would argue and debate the character morals of a human who feels the need to have their actions looked at as justifiable that possibly weren't justifiable, to begin with, may be due to a bit of a feeling of validation or attention to clarify their mistakes for their gain”.

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They could not be satisfied or content with the choice that they have made throughout their life.

This essay aims to purposely inform the reader as well as state-specific reasons and argue with support for those reasons as well as having up for debate or even assuming are the actions of a man justifiable who does something unintended or wrong justifiable? Referencing the Kant Immorality reading.

  1. ”It makes no sense to regard national human beings as one thing above others”.To translate that quote from the reading, Kant is saying what we should all already know as a nation:  nobody is better than another or above anybody else.
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    We are all equals. We all have value and we all have worth, sometimes we simply just fail to realize our value and fail to know our worth. My second reason for agreeing with Kant would be this:

  2. We all don't have the right to harm others no matter what they do to provoke us(man or woman)In the eyes and words of Kant more specifically this quote from the Kant morality reading,” We must respect their rights”.In my opinion, I agree with Kant 100 percent. We as humans have to respect other people's rights and sometimes they might say something that we may or may not like but that still doesn't justify their actions Physician-Assisted, our actions for that matter. Now for my final reason, that sums up my argument essay which is also from the reading.
  3. ”People have rights and values that they value over anything else”. For example  Family. We all value our family and we all love our family unconditionally. Now let's say someone in the family works hard for their money or to support the rest of the family(wife, kids, husband) and someone blatantly steals your family members' money that they worked so hard for. In this case, people would value money over family and there is nothing wrong with valuing money but you cannot steal money because it is simply wrong. Now if you steal from your family members that are just as bad if not worse. To conclude, If you work hard for money and someone steals it then that still by no means justifies their actions of stealing the money under any circumstances.


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Updated: May 27, 2022
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