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Essay on Reading Comics

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Sherman Alexie's Superman and me

In reading his writing it is portrayed that he has a great sense of pride for the children he is teaching and their accomplishments. In conclusion, “Superman and Me” is a very inspiring story written by a very inspiring individual. The fact alone that he taught himself to read, especially at such a young age is amazing. It would have been easier for him to give in to the low expectations a...

Image Analysis on Maus by artist Art Spiegelman

When the Jews worked together, they could get through anything. Art Spiegelman illustrates in his book series, “Maus”, that the Jews needed to stick together to survive the Holocaust. This concept is shown through images portraying the feelings of desperation, resistance and perseverance. The Jews stuck together to survive not only because they wanted to live, but because, as famed Football c...

Thor The Marvel’s Hero and Archetypal Breadwinner

Through each battle Thor fights, he proves himself worthy as a champion of his people, either Viking or godly. With his well established reputation to win battles, Thor takes on the role of a protector or guardian and saves the universe from destruction. Ultimately, Thor is the perfect superhero to make into an archetypal hero because of his godly characteristics depicted in the comics and Norse m...

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The Arrival by Shaun Tan Graphic Novel Review

The man then exclaims him and wife son also had a similar town of which they needed to escape from, leading them into the town they are now in. As the days go by, the man meets an older fellow who explains his story of war, also leading him back to this inexplicable city which was now his personal safe haven. Leaving the shop for the day, he sends a letter out to his family exclaiming that this wi...

My Hobby Watching Anime

It was one of the most popular anime in 2010. Fairy Tail is about the story of 5 magicians, Erza, Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Hapi which is a cat. They all are the magician in a magical guild named Fairy Tail. This anime talks about their story when taking missions and fighting bad guys. I love this anime because it talks a lot about friendship. Fairy Tail is touching and funny too, it makes me happy ev...

Biography of Stan Lee

The first comic Lee created was Fantastic Four with Jack Kirby. Lee created some of the most popular super heroes such as, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and Spider Man. Also he makes an appearance in every movie he makes. On November 17th, 2008 Lee got rewarded the National Medal of Arts. In LA, California they declared a day just for him it’s on October 2nd. Lee won th...

Human Feelings Towards Fictional Characetrs

However, this is very different when it comes to real life, for if someone we care about dies, they never seem to leave our mind; even though we move on over their loss and get used to living with their absence, whenever we remember them, we grieve and feel the emptiness they left behind. We also share the news of their death with others and seek comfort, attend their funeral and express remorse. ...

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