Reading books which are related to real events Essay

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Reading books which are related to real events

Reading books which are related to real events, real people, and established facts brings about more knowledge, information and news. It is beneficial to learn how the knowledge is available. People have to read these books for studying, research, improving their brainstorm, or being about their career fields. However, reading other books leads people to get advantage as well. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this idea. I am going to explain my reasons.

Firstly, there are various kinds of books that are useful for enhancing thinking strength. It is not only text books but also fictional books such as detective fictions. For instance, Conan, which is regarded as a Japanese criminal-issued investigation comic, is widespread reading of both children and adults in Thailand. It may help readers to stimulate their powerful thought. If they observe and analyze scenario, they may find something that seems wrong in scenes so as to find out who is the criminal. Besides, the strategy planning books are also advantage to people’s thinking. These books describe how the way to success is and influence them to attempt to get their aim.

Secondly, some kinds of books make people relax and entertain. People have to do their work or responsibilities almost every day and it may be hard and stressful to do well. They sometimes need the funny books such as novels or comics that help them to release their tension and cause their amusement and enjoyment although these books are less benefit to gain knowledge.

Additionally, reading only a real event or fact book may have effect on children to be extremely bored and they should be deemed reading fictional books necessary in order that they will not neglect and will be interested in reading books upholding their imaginations. They should not be restricted reading only at text books. There are many other books which can be used as materials for students beyond the class of study. It gives rise to be creative and encourage their literacy. To illustrate, Harry Potter, which is a fantasy novel, has a great number of alphabet and seven series so far, but there have been a lot of children from all over the places reading this novel. Moreover, some of the readers use their free time for writing fan-fictions of Harry Potter, which are stories coming from their imaginations on the other side of the main story.

In conclusion, Reading books that are about not only real people, real events and established facts is more significant for people to improve their thinking power, to relax and entertain themselves in their leisure time. Furthermore, it is essential for children to arouse their imaginations, writing and reading abilities.

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