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Reading Art Essay

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Reading Art

The four main roles of an artist according to Henry M. Sayre are: Keeping a historical record much of the art that was created in the past and that is considered to be history was created at a time when most of the people in the world were considered to be illiterate, and it was better for the people to get a visual understanding because it was better for them to understand than a worded understanding.

Another role is to be able to give form to intangibles when one thinks of the emotions of fear, love, or even adornment these emotions cannot be seen but are felt, an artist’s job is to create works that can make these feelings seen in their work. The next main role of an artist is being able to reveal the hidden, when an artist creates a piece through their own interpretation instead the actual event.

Picasso was known for this type of works. The last main role of an artist is showing the world a new way when one is an artist they may see the same exact things as everyone else does, but when it come to them interpreting things the artists inspiration is beyond any other humans. When one is able to see the world through the eyes of any artist, they will be able to see it in a whole new way (Xaxx, 1999-2011).

An example of a piece of art that is an explanation of symbolic significance would be Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” this piece may not be a picture of the actual events of what happened at the Massacre of Guernica but this is how he portrayed them, or how the artist saw the victims of that massacre. Another example of a piece of art is Sara Atzmon’s “A Sealed Room at the Center of the World”. Atzmon was a Holocaust survivor who had seen many of her family members murdered during the Holocaust many of her pieces reflect the pain and horror that she saw during these events (Pelaia, 2011).

Bibliography Pelaia, A. (2011). Jaduism. Retrieved from https://www.dotdash.com/

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