Reactions Essay Topics

Melinda Duckett vs CNN

Grace and others is a disservice to the Fourth Estate and threatens the very notion of a free press. Grace and others of her ilk are not reporters seeking the news for its value to the general public nor are they attempting to inform. These confrontational entertainers are more interested in high ratings and controversy… View Article

Initial reactions

1. Heartwarming and inspirational — these are my initial reactions to the essay when I first read it. I felt that way because you [the author] has a very noble cause. You have been raised in a very socially aware family. There were no indications that you had a family member with a hearing problem,… View Article

Reactions and Reflections

The author Don Berry in his book Moontrap offers a rich history of the plight of mountain men as they are pushed to the edge of their freedom, and left with nowhere else to go. This story is compared to the moonlight on water, which eludes any traps, then fades eternally – like the mountain… View Article