Reaction with pre employment seminar

Due to the development of our society concerning the technical and ethical progress in the past decades and centuries; it has become a very complicated network of different niches, which are connected among each other. Accordingly every individual person has the chance and in the best cases even the opportunity to select the niche he fits in most. The niche consists of several attributes like profession, social status and political attitude. In consequence of already mentioned complexity of the society it is hard to find the perfect job for an individual, since there is a huge cluster of different professions.

A source like the internet should support our search in the mass of available data. Not only the quantity of information gives us a possibility to find something we require, but also the speed facilitates the search.

And since every household has an internet connection, it is also much cheaper than buying a newspaper or going to a convention outside the city.

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A disadvantage of the internet is possibly a limitation of the ability to present you. A usual application has a certain structure, if not required differently. There is a certain pattern, which allows you to give just a small amount of information about your personage. Also the curriculum vitae make it hard to express your possible qualities. A person, although certain data present, remains more or less anonymous.

But luckily almost every company has job interviews, where everybody has a chance to convince the employer with the qualities, which were not or could not be mentioned in the application form.

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In a recruitment process, an interview is invariably one of the last but most crucial processes. It involves a one to one interaction of the candidates with the prospective employer. Besides giving the interviewer a chance to evaluate your strength and skill, it also gives you an opportunity to understand what to expect from the organization.

No matter how well qualified and articulate one is for a job, there is nothing to replace thorough preparation for the interview. Have a good grip of your strengths and weakness. Know what to talk at the interview and how to handle the situation, if things do not go as planned. The first step in preparing for an interview is to put together a strategy. Try and analyze that the interviewer would have already reviewed your resume, which provide the hard facts of your employment history and skills. You can make a good impression by reviewing how to bring forth your essential skills.

There is a need to portray sincerely and politely, though enthusiastically your knowledge about the organization and its mission. For instance, it would be good to know the names and positions of key people in the organization, its products/service and key business competitors. Preparation for an interview follows these steps. Keep yourself calm. Often going well prepared is the best way to enhance your confidence. Know all about the company, its business. Research the company and interviewer if possible. Analyze why you want the job.

What soft skills do you have to offer the organization? For instance the resume may have shown some concrete examples of skills as a team player, but you need to convince interviewer of your ability to fit within a team. Prepare questions you wish to ask about the job or organization. Line up reference in advance in case you are asked for them.

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Reaction with pre employment seminar

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