Reaction Paper on the Movie “Fireproof” Essay

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Reaction Paper on the Movie “Fireproof”

The movie, Fireproof, has a very sensitive theme because it focuses on relationships on husband and wife. On the early scene, it is shown that Capt. Caleb Holt of the Albany’s Fire Department Station One’s chief. He has the motto of “Never leave your partner behind”. He has earned many respect in his career and in his community except in his household were he and his wife, Catherine Holt, always fight because they’re fighting over, mostly about financial problems and Caleb’s addiction to internet pornography. After the argument, Catherine decided to have a divorce. This is very striking because this happens not only in this movie, it is also happening in reality were married couples gone separate because of individual’s differences and negative attitude or problems. When Caleb told his father about what happened, his father asked for the reason for their marriage and he can’t answer. Then, his father challenged Caleb for a “Love Dare”. The “Love Dare” is written on a notebook by his father and it was mailed to Caleb. The contents of that notebook are all about the experience of his father when they have the same matter on with Caleb’s mother.

He read all the contents expect for the bible verses on the last paragraph. The challenged lasts for 40 days. Initially Catherine doubts Caleb’s sincerity in his attempts to win her back, because of his half-hearted attempts at completing the Love Dare, but Caleb continues with encouragement from his father and his close friend Michael who also encourages him to become a born-again Christian. In the meantime, at the hospital where she works, Catherine begins flirting with Dr. Gavin Keller , who does not know that she is married, since she is no longer wearing her wedding ring. She informs him of her mother’s medical situation. Around this time, Caleb injures his arm when rescuing a girl from a house fire and is brought to Catherine’s hospital, where a nurse inadvertently says in front of Dr. Keller that Caleb is Catherine’s husband. As he continues his 40-day challenge, Caleb begins doing more household chores and running more errands for Catherine, and leaves her roses. He also smashes his computer to pieces with a baseball bat in order to remove the temptation of viewing internet pornography.

Regardless, Catherine, who is led by some colleagues to think that Caleb did all these things with an ulterior motive in mind, is still intent on divorce. When she later finds out that the equipment needed for her mother’s medical care has been paid for in full, she arranges a lunch date with Dr. Keller, thinking that he was the benefactor. Caleb discovers Dr. Keller’s relationship with Catherine and immediately informs him that he won’t let him have Catherine without a fight. Dr. Keller, who does not want to be an obstacle in their marital squabbles and is already married anyway, quietly breaks off his relationship with Catherine. Caleb later finds Catherine at home sick, and decides to take care of her. At this point she asks Caleb why he has changed his behavior, and he mentions the Love Dare.

Caleb then fully apologizes to Catherine for his past selfishness. Days later, Catherine learns that of the $24,300 cost of her mother’s medical equipment, Dr. Keller gave only $300 and Caleb gave $24,000, exhausting his boat savings. At this point she becomes convinced that his desire to change was sincere. Ashamed at her inability to think that Caleb’s change in behavior was genuine, Catherine digs out her ring, dresses herself up nicely and puts on make-up, and rushes to her husband’s fire station. There, she embraces her husband with all the respect and admiration he craved before. Caleb’s parents are relieved to know that their son’s marriage has been saved and Caleb expresses his thanks to his dad for the Love Dare.

At that point, Caleb’s dad explains that his mother was the one who did the Love Dare on him instead of the other way around. Immediately after hearing this, Caleb rushes home and apologizes to his mother for criticizing her all those years. The couple then renews their wedding vows in an outdoor ceremony, this time as a covenant with God. As we look over the film, the theme is really forgiveness and acceptance. Not only acceptance to the person you loved but also acceptance to the will of God. If you really love the person, you really do things that you don’t normally do.

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