Reaction Paper on SONA 2014 Essay

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Reaction Paper on SONA 2014

As we all know, being a President of a certain state is not an easy task. Within the span of the term, he must have significant accomplishments, plans and answers for the problems of all his constituents. And every year, every Filipino awaits for the broadcast that would inform them about the present status of the country and this is by listening or viewing the State of the Nation Address. Last July 28, 2014, President Benigno S. Aquino III had his fifth State of the Nation Address. This serves as a means to inform the nation about the present conditions of the country. SONA 2014 highlights the achievements of the administration on education, social services, economy, infrastructure, calamity efforts, jobs, rehabilitations after typhoons and earthquakes, modernization of AFP, security, ARMM Bangsamoro and livelihood. The President used many metaphors in uttering his speech, he started with a common Filipino saying, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makararating sa paroroonan.”

It is just right because this is his second to the last year in service, before he entered, our country was filled with problems left unsolved. Before, we were considered “The Sick Man of Asia” with weak economy and sparse industry. Corruption was also endemic. And maybe when we look back to the past with a lot of problems impossible to solve, we will be motivated to correct mistakes, within the President’s leadership we began to hope and had our journey on a straight and righteous path or the so called “Tuwid na Daan.” President Aquino enumerated all his accomplishments within the year. He allotted a huge fund for the Training-for-Work-Scholarship Program for TESDA which created graduates and are currently employed. He mentioned about the Expanded Conditional Cash Transfer Program which according to him, the poverty incident of the country decreased to 24.9% which is a good indication of our poverty status.

He made mention about the high investment grade status which means many investors, many businesses and more employment, doubled budget for infrastructure like construction of roads, skyways, bridges and projects of DPWH. He also boasts about rehabilitation efforts of the different calamities that had happen particularly in Bohol, Cebu and super typhoon Yolanda and the recent typhoon Glenda. He said that the government had immediate response with these said calamities. AFP modernization also was mentioned. He also said that tax collection was increased even though the government did not raise taxes except for sin taxes. He enumerated also the transport industries, he boasted the least number of employees’ strikes, the decreased debt-to-GDP ratio, good weather forecasting, increased customs collection, the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement in Bangsamoro and many more accomplishments.

He made mention also of his future plans for the betterment of our State. Even though he talked a lot regarding his accomplishments, the President still failed to mention issues that are important to the Filipinos like the Dap, the Priority Development Assistance Fund, and the Freedom of information bill that created many protesters and critiques who question his service. Indirectly speaking, the president also compared the past administration to his. He mentioned himself serving as a captain of the boat who is willing to save us from biases and fraud by means of corruption. The main message of the President is his commitment to better the lives of Filipinos. I consider him as a good leader because he is willing to save Filipinos from poverty. But despite of his good intentions many Filipinos still complain, question and oppose his leadership. Before complaining, let’s ask ourselves, Have we done something that contributed to the betterment of our country? Are we following all the rules and acts?

Are we willing to sacrifice our lives to our beloved country? Let’s put ourselves on PNoy’s situation. Can we carry the pressure and the burden he is carrying? It is him versus the 100 Million Filipinos. So stop complaining, learn to appreciate and start to move. Let’s help each other, for at the end of the day, the development and progress of our country doesn’t only depend on the President but it depends on us, the Filipino people. If we really want to continue our journey with this “Tuwid na Daan”, we must choose the next leader who is willing to serve us wholeheartedly. Let’s prove the saying that the Filipinos are worth dying for, living for and definitely fighting for. With Pnoy’s administration we are given the hope that the road to complete progress and development is near and is ahead of us.

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