Reaction Paper on Economic Forum on Philippine Governance Essay

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Reaction Paper on Economic Forum on Philippine Governance

Our country has great potential for mining developments. It was also mentioned by Dr. Habito that mining has contributed significant economic growth for the country. I am working in a mineral exploration company, and I have witness the mining investments flourished when the government made structural changes to the mining laws. More mineral exploration companies opened acquiring mining tenements and pouring in million of investments.

Not only that, we generated employment and uplifted the lives of the local communities thru road developments and other rehabilitation programs where our mining area is situated. But as time goes by, the promises of the government were not fulfilled. Rampant “Red Tape” is still present every time we process exploration permits and other pertinent documents. The government bureaus still practices bribery for easier approval.

Another important concern of my company and other exploration companies is the “Peace and Order” situation as the government promised to control 10 years ago. The situation has not been improved. Mining camps are still attacked by these belligerents/insurgents groups to threaten the mining companies to fulfill their wishes. The LGU’s of the particular community were not given full force to set directives in dealing with insurgencies. The local military always heed for directives from the national military to propagate security but then incidents have been done.

As the same example mentioned by Dr. Habito, on over centralized agrarian policy, that the national government disposed fertilizers to national agrarian in belief that it was good for all farm lands of the country. But then some farmers on respective provinces don’t find this disposition as effective as the use of the Carabaos to mow and cultivate their farms. He pointed out there is a need to give stronger roles for LGU to direct the concerns of the local community. LGU’s knows more what is better for their community.

Another good example discussed by Dr. Habito is the development of Clark Airport Tourism. The emergence of international flights in Clark Airport paved way to business expansion but fell short when the crab mentality of other “Airlines” instigated and aided from the government to minimized the international flights in Clark Airport to serve their self-interests. Dr. Habito instilled that the government should develop more liberal aviation policy and open skies environment to attract more investments.

Subsequently, our company is moving our exploration activities to other Asian countries for better opportunity and effective government policies. We believed that our investments here in the country are not optimized due to these flaws and self-serving government operatives. Evidently, Philippines is rich in natural mineral resources that could bring great opportunities for the people. But we cannot maximize development because of poor governance. Even if the laws are severally revised for optimal purposes but they are just written instrument if these are not effectively realized.

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