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Reaction Paper on Global Warming

Categories Global Warming, War

Essay, Pages 2 (282 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (282 words)

Global warming is one of the most serious hazard that we our facing today. The alarming signs were seen, even here in our country. Drought happens during rainy season while typhoons come upon summer months. The abnormal rainfall causes the rise of sea water level and more areas experience flooding. These are only some of the signs of growing global phenomenon. This environmental crisis brings risk to a million lives. Signos is one of a documentary that will awaken our minds on what is happening in our world.

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It aims to bring the realization closer to home through a nationwide investigation of the manifestations of climate change. The documentary brings together some scientists from local and international institutions like; Dr. Leoncio Amadore, Rafael Serga, Dr. Rosa Perez etc. and other climate change experts. Signos delivers Filipino viewers an extensive look on climate change; its causes, effects and how to prevent its disastrous outcomes. How this documentary did configure my knowledge about global warming? This documentary makes me realize that we should take global warming seriously.

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It will greatly affect our lives. Global warming or climate change is caused by using carbon Dioxide and greenhouse gases. As time passes by, it starts to thicken in the atmosphere and it blocks the sun rays from getting out. Each of us has faults on what is happening in our so-called home today. Modern technology is one of the cause of this global phenomenon. When we use electricity; we always left it plugged even if we are not using it, even this simple act is using energy that is why we should always unplug electronics every time we are finish using them.

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