Reaction on the Prestige Movie Essay

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Reaction on the Prestige Movie


Contentment. This is one thing that the two lead characters in the movie do not contain over themselves. They both made sacrifices just to be able to have the title of the one who has the greatest magic trick. They sacrificed their friendship, their families, even their lives. Before they started their rivalry, they both have good relationship with each other, good family, a good life. But what happened after they tried to uncover each other’s secret? Because of greed and personal motive, they both lost everything. The story looked like a tragedy, horror, and dramatic movie for me. It’s like an exaggerated version of how we live our lives, sometimes. Even though we don’t admit, but sometimes, there is some part of us that want to be on top of someone because we don’t feel satisfied and we can’t accept the fact that there is someone better than us.

Here in the story, the secret is the symbol of what we want to get from someone. And what the two characters did in the story are examples of our actions in real life. One makes the attack and the other one makes the defense. Robert, who was the one making the offense, wanted to know Alfred’s secret, not just because he did it for revenge, but also because he wanted to own the prestige that Alfred had. He did everything that would put Alfred down. On the other hand, Alfred was the one making the defense. He sacrificed everything that he had in order for him to get a hold of his fame. In the end, both of them didn’t make it to their goal. Instead, they became losers of their own games. The characters are the epitome of human greed. Greed that we cannot pull out of our being human. It seems impossible for a human to be able to escape this kind of bad attitude.

But as we grow older, as we mature, we learn how to build up goodness in ourselves because we realize the true meaning of life. We realize that there are things that we cannot achieve, obtain and maintain. Even our own life is not permanent. Nothing is permanent in this world except our soul. Now, as we think of this, we will be able to get the idea that the most important things in this world cannot be seen. But it can be felt. We’re fortunate that God has provided us the greatest give anyone could ever get. And the best way to give back to our Father, I think, is to be grateful enough, and learn how to appreciate the things that we have, nothing less.

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