Worldview Assignment

Every day is a gift and one we should never take for granted. The way we perceive the world around us takes critical thinking and a strong and faithful framework to help guide us through life. The world we live in gets harder and harder and moral responsibility is constantly being challenged. Having a worldview based on structure and faith is crucial to one’s everyday life. In their book, Consider, Dr. Lew Weider and Dr. Ben Gutierrez explain that a worldview is a person’s philosophy of life, a framework a person brings to decision-making, and a filter or lens which a person uses to interpret life and the world around them.

Every one person has a worldview. This can be molded by people who surround us from the time we are born to adults. There are multiple groups of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds craving your attention in hopes to share their worldview with you and persuade you.

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You have to fully desire to understand the teachings of the Bible and be able to spread the gospel starting from the beginning to end. Everything has an origin from which it is created. Having a Christian Worldview I know there is only creator and that is God. I can remember my worldview being shaped as early as three years old.

I remember the days of my youth going to church with my family like it was yesterday. From a biblical worldview you can find truth and meaning in the scriptures Genesis 1:1 and Psalm 139:13-26.

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We know God created the world because our faith and trust start within him. In the Bible, Psalm 8:5 and Genesis 2:15 give identity to mankind. We are strong-willed and viewed as caregivers. We are to nurture all other creatures and the earth around us. In John 17:3 and John 17:20-23 our purpose is the interconnection we have with God. He is the reason we have aligned our life with a Christian framework and one day will be with him in Heaven.

In their book, Consider, Dr. Lew Weider and Dr. Ben Gutierrez reveal that Theists answer the questions of morality and ethics primarily through Special Revelation. We have read through scriptures that God loves us all and knows that not one human being is perfect. God knows that only he is righteous and we are given the path to become one with him. Such examples of human nature are found in Psalm 51:5 and Ephesians 2:8-10. The path one human chooses will determine their destiny. In Revelation 21:1-7 and 20:11-15 you will find there is only two ending places in which you will spend eternity.

With our faith and our love and commitment we possess as Christians we know our eternity rest within the Heavens above. It is an obligation we have to God to follow his guidance and have comfort in knowing that he knows us better than anyone and one day we will join him. I try hard every day to view the world with an open heart and clean slate. It’s hard not to dwell on events that have happened that was tough, but you have to forgive and forget. I know that I am very blessed. God has given this life and we should open ourselves to love and faith.

I see hundreds of people throughout my week and I try to greet them with a smile and a “Hello”. We need to see the good in people and think of how God would want us to treat each other. If you were having a rough day maybe that one positive experience will uplift you and put you in a better place. Some people live a hard life, some by choice and some by unfortunate circumstances. I’ve always wanted to help heal the people that are sick and need medical attention. It’s been my calling since I was a little girl. I just wanted to help people and I know that God led me down the right path.

Currently, I work as a Respiratory Therapist and I come into contact with a lot of ill people. I try my hardest to serve them in a way that I can change their outcome and improve their health. I feel positive and rewarded with the career path I have chosen and I know I am here for a reason. We should take each day as a blessing and strive to be the best person we know how to be. I know these things because my Christian Worldview has put everything into perspective for me. I know what I need to do. I want to help and I want to make a difference in the world. It all starts with believing and God will lead you the rest of the way.

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Worldview Assignment

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