Time Machine

If I could spend a day with one person….
Human being is the God’s creature which is created with intelligence, emotion, and passion. In human’s life, there will always be something or even many things that is wanted or repented. Therefore, human often wishes to meet someone whom he really yearns, someone who can correct his repented mistakes or someone who can meet his needs. If I could spend a day with one person, I wish it will be Doraemon.

Doraemon is an imaginative character made by a Japanese cartoonist. Doraemon is a robot comes from the future and has many great machines with various wonderful functions in his pocket. As an ordinary people, there are many things I regretted in the past, so that I need one of Doraemon’s machines, which is called ‘Time Machine’.

By using this time machine, I can go back to the past to correct my repented mistakes. The time machine does not only function to bring us to the past, but it can also bring us to the future.

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Hence, besides correcting the mistakes from the past, I can also prevent the mistakes which I would make in the future. By doing these things, I hope my life will be much better.

Besides the time machine, Doraemon also has a machine called “Any Where You Want to Go ‘Door’ ”. As it is called so, this door could take us anywhere we want to go. By using this door, I would go around the world.

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I want to visit many beautiful places, meet many popular people like Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Chris Brown and many more. Since I only have one day to do all these things, I would ask Doraemon for his ‘Time Controller Machine’. Time controller machine is a machine that can control the time speed. By using this machine, I will make this one day becomes such a full week or even as long as I want.

All these things could only happen in an imaginary life, it would never happen in real life. As human is created with passion, there will be no any limit of human’s need. Everything will always be never enough. We have to thank God for anything we have now, because God knows anything good and bad for us.

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Time Machine

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