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The Demon In The Freezer

Richard Preston has established himself a reputation of being a storyteller that mastered on putting faces on otherwise undistinguishable deadly viral diseases like ebola virus, anthrax and smallpox. He is keen on carefully describing to his readers how fatal these viruses are in his novels.

He has proven himself to be an expert on stirring awareness among his clientele about these viruses which though contained in a sense that these are confined to certain facilities of the world, have now been made and being developed by certain terrorist groups into a fatal weapon which at any moment can be discharged anywhere to effectively kill and thus strike terror among the targeted public.

Like his other books (i. e. Biohazard, The Coming Plague, and The Hot Zone), The Demon In The Freezer is effective in keeping the readers attention to follow every turn of the story.

The Book is divided into eight thrilling chapters. Opening in the life of an ordinary photo retoucher of the National Enquirer in early seventies by the name of Robert Stevens, the author skillfully guides the readers to a shocking awareness of the presence of the Anthrax virus that killed Stevens (Preston, 2002).

The unfolding of the story at the outset was seemingly calm until the death of Stevens which at this time has triggered anticipation in the reader and keeps him/her following the next turn of the story.

The whole book effectively tells of the looming dangers of biological weapons. Since these viruses were put under control and relegated to the confines of laboratories such as in Atlanta and Siberia, the thought that some of these viral diseases are currently in the hands of terrorists is just simply terrifying.

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On the other hand, constant care must be observed by those who currently responsibly keeping these for further studies. Preston is adept in telling this kind of story.

His accurate knowledge on these matters, which obviously a product of extensive research, was carefully woven into his story. All the important details and informations which naturally enhanced the story are all facts based on true accounts. Preston is also effective in giving his readers the rationale behind why the battle still rages on destroying these viruses among those suspected of keeping them. This is definitely a good read.


Preston, Richard. October 8, 2002 (1st Edition). Publisher: Random House.

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