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Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (730 words)
Categories: Activity, Communication, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Nonverbal Communication, Society, Tea, Teamwork, Writing
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How do people communicate?

People communicate in various ways. People use verbal communication along with using the Internet, the telephone, writing notes, listening, and having a conversation is an additional. Either form of communication is acceptable in the workplace or in his or her personal life.

How are verbal and nonverbal communications different?

The verbal communication causes for an individual to have a conversation with another human being. The verbal communication can be a face-to-face conversation or a verbal conversation on the telephone.

The nonverbal communication is a meaning of words not spoken. The nonverbal communication is detected with emotions, facial expressions, body language, and hand signals. The differences between the verbal and nonverbal communications are that one is heard by mouth, tone of voice, and noises from the communicator. The nonverbal communication is used in the manner of not using his or her voice.

It is not uncommon for the verbal and nonverbal communications to be used in the workplace or in his or her personal life. As an example in the workplace the team meetings cause for the team to have verbal conversation on the work task. Everyone provides his or her input at the meeting. An example of nonverbal communication is making a facial expression when hearing something for the first time as a surprise of hearing good news or hearing bad news for the first time.

Analyzing Results?

Men and women communicate differently. Women find several ways to communicate with words and men have a way of communicating with actions and in a nonverbal manner. I also believe genders communication differently because of his or her background. If a man was raised in a home where there was not very much communication as the male become an adult he has the same traits as an adult. An example someone may understand similar information differently from myself when discussing political beliefs or a woman’s abortions rights. A man may not understand why a woman may want to have an abortion or why she may refuse to have an abortion. A man will never understand the burden of the particular information from a woman’s point of view.


As an employee who works with and communicates with the company’s India employees the culture is different, and there is a language barrier. The meetings with the India employees are sometimes confusing, and the statements are misunderstood. As an employee who attends the weekly meetings on a regular basis is a strain to understand language. Someone from a different culture background may not understand the communication style when Americans use his or her hands to describe something when talking. The Americans may use facial expressions as a means of communication. When an American uses facial expression the facial expression may be difficult for someone from a different culture to understand and the facial expression may not mean the same from an American standpoint.

As an example in America using has gestures may be appropriate, unlike in foreign countries had gestures may be found as an insult. For an example using two fingers to make a circle to tell someone you are okay. The same hand gesture is not appropriate in foreign countries. Another communication style is eye contact. In America it is appropriate to look someone in the eyes when speaking with him or her. In other cultures it is disrespectful to look someone in the eyes.


I plan to continue to communicate with our India employees through e-mails and verbal communication in meetings. Although the language creates a barrier for both teams, however, the teams manage to get the message across to the team members. As an example in the weekly meetings, I will request the India employees send an e-mail for clearer understanding in order to eliminate miscommunication among team members. In the past I have realized it is easier to have the team to send an e-mail with their questions. The questions are direct, and the questions are not confusing, and easier to respond to the email and questions versus in regular scheduled meetings.


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