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Science exist 2,000 years before the birth of Christ and Religion was far far ahead exists before men. Why? We do believe that God created the world and everything for it. During the early years, arguments on Science and Religion had not been resolved todate Scientists been doing lots of observation, experimentation to enhance and update the worlds need for changes resulting to making life’s bearable and easy to all of us ——- While Religion, keeps on spreading the holy word of God, strengthening our beliefs, strengthening our path and making our faith solid to our church and to Christ.

Now, the question is Why is it that Science and Religion does not co-exist with one another? This is so clear to me and I hope that many can relate. Science, we all agree, is based on facts. Based solidly with observations and the confirmation of things normally done through experimentation. These are the natural things that revolves science. Other than these, is not acceptable to scientists.

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Religion per se’ is based on faith. We do believe that God exists but no one sees through. We believe in Him through Christ’s existence and with the bible’s story about the predicaments of Christ birth again ——- no one amongst witness it. Our beliefs were solidly braced through bible studies, lectures during mass so we will all be worthy of God’s blessings and love. One is basically based on what we see and what we hear. One is what and how we feel, only through FAITH.

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Science and Religion will never ever co-exist because of their differences.

Scientists don’t believe on what they don’t see, experience, witness and observed. Most of them don’t really believe in God’s existence. Religion has all these. We do believe in anything that our church teaches because it is based on the holy bible. We did not see, experience and observe God, but in our hearts, we believe that he is everywhere.

And that is Why Science and Religion will never ever co-exist.

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