Religious Commitment

Religious governments often have a very undemocratic approach of management, with strict and stringent laws and little freedom. Women are thus usually hard-pressed, dictated, given fewer liberties, and less educated. It is no surprise therefore that these societies are generally male-dominated with little influence from women. Education is primarily based upon the laws and scriptures of state religion with little room for anything else. From primary to secondary studies, emphasis is placed upon teaching and preaching everything about the religion and its practices.

Anything which differs from religion is discarded.

This consequently results in low literacy rate in terms of modern ways, studies, technologies and knowledge. Civil laws are also based upon the scriptures of the religion, with severe and strict rules and regulations. There is little democracy, freedom, and usually harsh punishments given out for violating laws. Religious laws are of chief importance and consequentially high government posts are inhabited by religious clerics and leaders. There are a large percentage of these types of governments in Middle East, Asia and East, where as the West and European countries are exceedingly democratic.

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In recent times, extremists Muslims have been severely criticized for trying to impose their religion and violating basic rights of freedom. It is also one of the reasons cited by the American government for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, which were primarily religious governments with little freedom and democracy. On the whole, religious governments place emphasis on religion, its laws and practices. Compliance is usually mandatory, with all matters: women, education and civil laws etc.

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molded according to religious beliefs.


Audi, Robert. Religious Commitment and Secular Reason. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Religious Commitment

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