Recruitment Documentation

In this assignment I am going go through how and what companies do when they are hiring people and what candidates need to do to get their job. I am also going to describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. The selected organisation I am doing is Tesco.

When companies are looking for recruitments, firms produce two documents to hire people; one document is the Job Description. The job description includes responsibilities, duties, who responsible to, whom responsible for, working conditions and more.

The job description makes it clear to the candidate. The second document is a Person Specification. A person specification is profile of the employee, this includes; skills, qualifications, experience, circumstances, disposition etc.

The next thing firms do when looking for someone to recruit is put out a job advertisement, this could be on their local, they could also advertise their jobs in store, in a business that helps people get jobs, newspaper, magazines, media and more.

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A job advertisement includes their name, pay, location, to whom the position reports.

This is when the employee comes to the company and they will then ask for applicants, this is by a CV or application form. An application form contains personal detail, space for qualification, experience, why you want the job, referee and criminal declaration. After filling in an application form the company then send the potential applicant a job description, personal spec and an app form. The applicants then send a completed form (with cover letter) or CV, this is then sent to the company.

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When the company receive all the application they then do shortlisting – this is when they narrow them down by matching with job description and select them for an interview. Once this is done the company then sends the invitations letter for the interview and sometimes a rejection letter (but this hardly happens). They interview with 6 or less applicants, when interviewing they are sometimes 2 or 3 people (someone from the HR or someone from another department). While interviewing they might make notes. The company then sends out letter to successful applicant, they also send out a contract, 2 copies. The contracts include holidays, pay, condition, dress code, safety.

On this page it includes the job specification telling the applicant what they are looking for in this job. “The Blueprints are the inputs for Store Planning to develop Development Store plans. The Proposition Blueprint Manager is the custodian of the customer experience in stores throughout the shopping trip. Four days a week will be spent in the office with the other day spent out on sites and in competitors ensuring we are at the forefront of customer innovation.”

The recruitment documentation for Tesco is very simple. It is very similar to how I have explained above; you first apply for the specific job role. If they have fo0und your application interesting, they will then call you in for an interview. Once the interview is done and they think you meet the criteria, they will then send you a letter/email telling that you have succeeded; if you have not succeeded they will send out a rejection letter/email. Once you have accepted the job they will then talk about your contract, this including, your pay, how many hours you work, dress code, holidays etc. Once you have signed this contracts you will be ready to start working for Tesco.

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