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Reaction to Raisin in the Sun/Dream Defered

This poem resonated with me more so than any other so far. It starts out with a simple question about a dream that gets put off and the raisin is a metaphor for the dream or idea that is perished in the blazing sun. The writer uses such vocabulary to ignite all senses to describe the raisin as decaying, festering and stink like rotten meat. IT seems as so the dream is the source of pain for the writer and the ills that accompany the chasing of the dream are pain, anguish and torture.

The use of the sun I found to be significant as the sun is the source of all life and covers the whole world and to the individual, the raisin, it causes an unbearable torment. The dream in this poem is not indicated but given the context of the writer I assumed it could be used to explain what we know to be the American Dream where a man can be happy and enjoy life in his own home away from persecution of society.

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I would compare that that the pain in this poem like the sores and heavy load are the day to day hardships he faces to achieve his dreams.

The last line is significant as along with the other lines in the poem he poses questions but this last line is terminal. There are no more transformations the dream can do but to explode and be destroyed completely. This suggests either he gives up or the things that keep him from achieving his dreams causes him to break down and crack mentally perhaps.

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In “A Raisin in the Sun” we see a typical African American Family with each member having their own dreams and ideas of what they want out of life. They each chase what they believe to be a “way out” for them and take steps to get there.

What keeps this family from achieving them are hardships like lack of money, lack of support and resources that perhaps non-African Americans have. The play depicted the everyday life of African Americans in a way that all cultures can understand. The resemblance to actual people Hansberry invented a situation that was realistic and could be understood by anyone who has ever wanted a better situation in life. The comparison of the poem of Langston Hughes “Dream Deferred” makes the topic and characters even more realistic. It asks the question what would happen if someone worked all their lives for a dream and was unable to achieve it.

And the play shows the audience the real life events of those thoughts and questions in the poem. A Raisin in the Sun is a complicated movie with many levels of social aspects entwined. The movie shows the oppression that was occurring to African Americans at the time especially in housing exploitation. . Walter is just angry at society and wants more of life and himself. Mama and Ruth are more concerned with just getting by and providing better opportunities for the next generation by buying a house and giving it to Travis.

Willy Harris steals from his own to get ahead by stealing Walter’s money for the store. Beneatha most represents a feminist who fight the system by wanting to become a doctor and gain an education and fights society’s expectations of her as a black woman. Between the play, movie and poem the ideas expressed transcend too many people and can be considered timeless. As humans we all want better situations and gain a piece of the American Pie that we perceive others to have. We recognize when we are oppressed and persecuted against and which to elevate away from them.

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