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Potential Communication Barries

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 8 (1981 words)
Categories: Communication
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Mental distraction which results to taking a lot of time between when you hear something and when you speak emotional distraction  makes someone overreact to what is spoken which makes him divert attention  far away from whoever is communicating which results to the person who is addressed not getting the information.

When both speaker and listener have shared knowledge, there is barrier because both of them use same vocabulary and the listener fails to take what is communicated seriously. Physical distraction for example noise that make people not understand each other properly, when the room is too warm, people occupying it may be uncomfortable and loose concentration of what is being communicated.

When judgment is done by those communicated to by appearance or knowledge or making judgment without facts to support it, communication is broken down because of the listener judging the communicator by what he can see but not by what he can offer. This will make the communicated be taken lightly and what he says will not be taken seriously.

Lack of interest in what is communicated and having negative attitude towards the presenter will create barrier to effective communication because even the message delivered will be of little use to the listener.


You should stop talking and concentrate on listening in order to get all what is communicated and respond accordingly. Pay attention so that the parties concerned can be actively involved in the discussion and they can understand each other as they talk. Non verbal language should be paid attention to by keeping eye contact between both parties and getting the facial expression of the communicator.

Always make sure that you question the speaker to ensure that your understanding is accurate so that you can get everything that is communicated to you. Resist any destruction by shuffling papers that can make your attention to be diverted away from what is being communicated. Do not draw while you listen because your concentration will be affected all the time.

When upset by what the speaker is saying, do not interrupt until the speaker finishes whatever he is saying. Open your mind and try to look at the situation from the speakers point of view befo9re you can go ahead to make any judgment to the situation in question. If you have your own view about what the speaker is saying, you can use it to mirror what you heard from the speaker.


Bouncing leg indicates that you have no interest in whatever is said and a sign of impatience because you are getting tired and you wand the speaker to finish whatever he is saying as quickly as possible. Nodding of head is a sign of approving what has been said. It shows the listener is encouraged by what has been said and also he understands what the speaker is tying to communicate.

When an eyebrow is raised, this shows lack of believing what is said and questions the speaker’s message and also a sign of being surprised by whatever has been said. When the listeners remain silent, they understand everything that is being said. The topic is interesting to that and they want to continuer hearing more about it and they respect the speaker and can not make any noise while he is speaking.

Slouching shoulders is a sign of tiredness because the speaker might have taken too long communicating without giving the listeners break to relax before he continues with his speech. It can also be a sign of discouragement and loss of hope. Looking away means that you are impatient and cannot wait any longer for the speaker to finish what he is saying. This is also a sign of lack of interest in what is being said.


The hearing impaired man

Make sure the hearing aid is in the ear and if it is turned, adjust it to the right position to ensure that it is functioning properly and make sure the battery is working and replace it with a new one if it is not functioning well. Stand directly in front of the person so that he can see you clearly and be able to get individual attention from him when you are close enough to him before you begin to talk.

When you approach the person, make sure he sees you to avoid making him startled. He should always know that there is some one near him not to be caught by surprise. Make the speech easier to understand by him by not chewing, eating or smoking while you talk to him. Hand should be kept away from face so that you can be seen clearly and learn any face expression which communicates a lot about your feelings.

The background noise that interferes with proper hearing should be avoided to ensure total concentration of the listener and the speaker. Enough time should be allowed for meaningful conversation without running out of time. if messages are necessary, write them down so that the hearing impaired man can be able to read them.

 When speaking, do not shout so that whatever you are saying can come out clearly and can be understood very well. Different ways can be used to make the message be properly understood.

Speaking to the child

The language ability level should be should be identified to know how to communicate to the child in a language that he can be able to understand. Know the physical capability of the child and emotional capability and communicate in a passionate manner and do not include any judgment to the child so that he can be encouraged to continue talking.

Make sure the child is comfortable and help him understand the purpose of the interview. The language should be adjusted to help the child understand all the questions and a simple and well explained manner.

The gang

The gang should be reliable, look for what is positive and of material to the gang. Be yourself and real. Make the promises that you can always keep to ensure that you develop trust in the gang. be a good role model whom the gang can look at and admire all the time and help them mould their character.

You should be aware of the experiences that other people have as you continue dealing with the gang and do not ignore their experience. Take care of the body language especially the movement of hands to avoid threatening the gang. Understand the gangs’ language so that you can ensure there is effective communication. Things should not be taken at personal level and help those who are in need of your help.

Visually shaken

Describe to them the room layout as you enter and inform him when you want to leave. If the person needs your guidance, allow him to take your arm for guidance. Increase lighting in the room and ask him if he needs your help and offer to help him. If you want to touch the person, first call him by name so that he can be aware that there is someone who is near him. Allow the person touch you if he needs to do so. Treat him like a sighted person and do not show him that you sympathize with his situation for him to know that he is still worthy despite his situation because disability is not inability.

Explain to them what you are doing so that they may not be suspicious of what you are doing. Where possible, encourage independence and leave things where they are unless you are asked to move them to another place.

Technology used throughout investigation and in the court room

The law is enforced so that it can be followed by all the affected parties. the witnesses are interrogated for them to give evidence of the case in question that will assist the court in making judgment. The person who is guilty of the offence is arrested and waits for the day of trial. The days for the judge to listen to the case are booked at a given time in future.

The suspects are held from the day they are caught until when their case will be heard which is the same day when citizens bring their claims to be heard by the judge.

Ethical issues to consider

There is training of judges on how to handle cases and how to judge the criminals depending on the evidence given concerning the committed crime. The sensitivity of the case is very important to ensure that judgment is done fairly without favorism or discrimination of either of the parties.

There should be awareness of the rules and regulations set by the government on how all the citizen should behave and the disciplinary action taken against anybody who disobeys the law. The issue of equitable treatment to all citizens is important where they are all treated as equals and no one is taken as more important or special than the others.


Parties involved achieve success without leaving either party devoid of dignity or respect. It results in win solution by both parties getting something in return for considering the other. Success approach to conflict resolution is establishing relationship with disputing parties, have strategy for mediation, collect information, design plan, build trust, define the issues, uncover interests that are hidden, get settlement means and have a bargaining to achieve the settlement.


The people present at the time the suspect takes a hostage are questioned and they give out the circumstances surrounding the ability of the suspect to take hostage. The police writes a report which is analyzed and helps to know where the suspect might have gone to take refuge so that he can be caught. If it was a plot for him to escape, the officers concerned faces disciplinary action and can be suspended from their duties till further notice.


The suspect is caught again and will have two cases to answer in court. The murder case and taking a hostage. The judge will listen to both cases and gives judgment for both of them as two separate cases. If he is found guilty, he will be arrested and faces a jail sentence.


There was a suspect of murder who took a hostage from court after he was arrested in court. He is tall, medium sized and dressed in black trouser and white shirt. Anybody who has any information concerning him can report to the nearest police station and will receive a reward of one thousand dollars in cash. Thank you.

From criminal investigation department

The key participants in this trial are

The eye witnesses who witnessed the shooting as it occurred for example, the child who was playing outside, the person who was impaired in hearing, the shaken visually who was pumping gas and the young gang members. The credibility issues are that when these eye witnesses were interrogated at different times, they gave the same information concerning the suspect. A gun was recovered from the pocket of suspect and he had put on more than one trouser so that when he commits crime he can be able to remove the trouser on top to hide his identity.

The role l would play in the trial is that, I would guide the court on who to use to give evidence because, I was able to see who was on the spot immediately the shooting occurred and nobody else should give the evidence apart from the ones who were present.


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