Philippine Quality Awards

“ We recognize Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas- educational institution that has proven the old adage,” The more you know, the more you don’t know”- that success only opens our eyes to the many things that we can do better. And without doubt, it has continued to better itself”, Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III said in his speech, during the 15th Philippine Quality Awards, Malacaňan Palace, Dec 12.

LPU is awarded with recognition for commitment to quality management along with other three companies, Don Bosco Technical College, Optev, Inc.

, Thomson Reuters Corporation Pte. Ltd. Philippine Branch.

“ This is the time when we are reminded just how important it is to improve our capacities. Whether there’s an emergency or not, it is always vital to recognize those who have not wavered on the path to self improvement, and that is precisely why we are here today. Given the week we’ve just had, this event is a welcome step back- awarding companies in our country who have performed exceptionally well”, Aquino cited.

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Patterned after Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, PQA (Philippine Quality Award) was institutionalized through Republic Act 9013, 2001. PQA grants recognition to public and private organizations and other stakeholders who strive to attain performance excellence.

“Companies like you have done a lot for our people. You have invested in them; you have given them the platform on which they can impress the whole world with their talents”, he further quoted.

President Aquino emphasized in his speech that “ Made in the Philippines” are not inferior and urged that more Filipino companies should join in the battle against that backwards attitude that used to say, “Pwede na”.

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“I am certain that we will get to the point where our products and services, and most importantly, our people will truly shine in the world stage continuously.”, President Aquino concluded.

Mr. Peter p. Laurel, LPU-B President received the PQA trophy. Also present in the conferment ceremonies were Dr. Flora V. Javier ( Consultant for Special Projects and Planning/ Dean, Institute of Advanced Studies), Dr. Fe R. Medina ( VP for Institutional Affairs), Dr. Dexter R. Buted ( VP for LIMA Campus) and academic and non-academic heads.

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