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Multicultural Education

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (315 words)
Categories: Culture, Education, Multiculturalism, Psychology, Social science, Society, Sociology
Downloads: 30
Views: 326

Multicultural Education
What is it?
Multicultural Education
What caused it (Causative factors)
Reaction to monocultural approach to education “one size fits all attitude” It is a reaction to Assimilation A+B+C=D
The World changed became more heterogeneous as result of various SOCIAL, ECONOMIC & POLITICAL developments USA
Segregation patterns (1900-1953)
“separate but equal”
It was never equal
African Americans lower scores
Less money spent on them
Various methods to (promote) integrate(Pg17)
Coleman Report
Education not measuring up to expectations
Equal opportunity’s does not mean equal education

Group areas act
Separate education departments
Department of Bantu Education
Afrikaans compulsory
Less money Black people
Trained for labour
1970’s Soweto Uprising turning point
Political Changes

So why the need?
To educate a child you need to know them
Don’t teach to Average
Their culture and backgrounds has an effect on how they learn If we force the MACROCULTURE ( dominant culture of country) they could feel Excluded –
Cultural Isolation & Cultural Erosion
Learning problems
Behaviour problems
Conflict arising from misunderstandings
Not very good for effective education

How do we do it?
Socialisation Models
Assimilation A+B+C=A
Amalgamation A+B+C=D
Open Society A+B+C=O
Pluralistic Models
Structural Pluralism A+B+C=A+B+C
Modified Cultural Pluralism A+B+C=A1+B1+C1
Dynamic Cultural Pluralism
Terms we encounter
Multicultural Education Culture
Racism Race Prejudice Discrimination Stereotypes Diversity Culture

Diversity – more than one kind
Macro,Micro and Subcultures
Microcultures influence learning
Barriers to learning
Socioeconomic class
Family Structure

Cross Cultural Communication
Definition – sender , receiver, code and Message
Verbal and Non-verbal
Communication Style
Positive communication
Effective communication
Check perceptions
Seek Feedback
Resist Judgmental reactions
Develop elf-Awareness
Take Risks
Multicultural Teaching
Learners come from various Linguistic background
Languages 2 official & 24 others
Mother tongue instruction? NEEDU
Why Should we support
Visible aspects
Vocabulary & Grammar
Proficeincy needed to understand academic concepts & terminology If not proficient in English experience problems

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Multicultural Education. (2016, Apr 21). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/re-multicultural-education-essay

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