Mate Selection Process Questions

1. Do you find that your parents tend to promote free choice selection or arranged marriages?

2. Do you prefer to find a man that you think would be a good father?

3. Do you tend to choose woman based on the fact that she could bear a healthy child?

4. Is it attractive to find an intelligent man/woman?

5. When deciding on a man/women to date do you tend to be attracted to a person with similar social background?

6. Do you tend to have an image of an ideal mate formed in your head?

7. Do you believe that it is possible for anyone to get mate in his/her life because attraction is based more on reality than fantasy?

8. In your opinion do you think arranged marriages are more successful than dating or vise versa?

9. When you decide to marry another person do you truly believe you will be together for the rest of your life?

10. Does being in a relationship and more specifically marriage make you worry you will need to give up your dreams?

11. Do you show your resources to prove that you are good provider (men only)?

12. Do you display qualities that make you desirable and seem nurturing (women only)?

13. In your opinion do you think having gained a disposable income and cars has made dating more fun and easier to do?

14. When you date do believe that it is unethical to date more than one person at a time?

15. When you date more and more do you find that your expectations grow higher and higher to the point where you feel satisfied in the relationship?

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Mate Selection Process Questions

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