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Nation states co-exist one alongside another, yet, their relations have not been perfect or devoid of discord. At the heart of this problem is that each nation state as a political and economic entity has its own interests. It is the pursuit of these interests that these states rub one another the wrong way, with the developed countries calling the shots, leading to an acrimonious disposition in international relations. This paper examines some of the facts by taking America, Cuba and Nicaragua as examples.

Question 1 Part A

The Cuba Revolution which took place in January 1, 1959 against President General Fulgencio Batista is highly esteemed by Latin Americans because it deposed the dictatorial President General Fulgencio Batista from rule. Part B Cuba occupies a special place in US policy makers’ minds both for historical and strategic reasons. The historical treason is that Nikita Khrushchev had at one time “poked US in the eye” after US had aimed missiles in Italy and Turkey at USSR.

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By planting other missiles in Cuba against the US, Khrushchev now had a more credible bargaining chip. America does not want a repeat of this.

The Strategic reason is that Cuba at the moment is the only force standing in the way of the Caribbean domination by the US. Part C What prevented Cuba’s annexation by the US is Castro’s rule. This Castro has weathered all assassination and coup attempts that were staged against him at the behest of the US. Question 2 The main strategy that was used by Latin America against US hegemony was by forming an alliance with other socialist countries that posed antithetical stands against the US.

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It is through these alliances that Latin American states were able to realize the acquisition of arms and ideologies. Question 3

US has been at times responsible for the rise of military dictatorships in Latin America in its quest to annex these countries. In most cases, the US sponsored military coups both financially and militarily against legitimate governments (as it was seen in the case of General Fulgencio Batista when America wanted to oust Castro). Usually, these legitimate governments are conspired against by the US when they refuse to do US’ bidding. When these coups succeed, the leaders themselves turn into outright dictators. Commentary 1 It is true that Nicaragua looks up to Cuba positively since Cuba has been protecting her interests.

Or instance, Cuba was instrumental in the 1990s in advising and helping Nicaragua to build closer ties with investors by working with them closely to reconstruct Nicaragua’s economic situation. What enhanced the credibility of Cuba’s economic advice and help to Nicaragua is that the latter witnessed Cuba’s proposals work out for the betterment of Bolivia, a country that initially was preoccupied with militarism. More Credit is being given to Cuba by Nicaragua because Cuba continues to protect Nicaragua’s trade and transport routes, of which the Trans Isthmian canal remains chief.

Commentary 2 It is not sufficient to state that Nicaragua admires Cuba because of the protection it receives only. On the contrary, it is through this Trans Isthmian canal that Cuba protects, that the two economies are able to carry out bilateral trade. Cuba’s exports to Nicaragua are rice, sugar cane, medical products, hams and sausages, whereas Nicaragua exports veterinary products, pharmaceuticals, milk and milk products, meat and meat products, original perfume oil, pieces of ivory, among others, to Cuba. Conclusion

It is therefore easier to see that because states exist juxtaposed to each other, there is no country that can exist on its own accord. This is why virtually all nations are players in international trade and diplomacy. The mandate therefore falls on the developed economies such as the US and the UK and other international organizations such as the UN to come up with policies that will foster egalitarianism and freedom for and among all states.


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