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Evolution by Natural Selection

The Evolution Lab helps user to develop an understanding of important factors that affect evolution of a species. Evolution Lab demonstrate the important biological and environmental selection factors that influence evolution by natural selection and also the lab simulate how changes in beak size and other characteristics of finch population influence evolution of beak size and population numbers. The goal of this test is to distinguish and discover what happens to the birds when parameters are change for each run over time between Darwin and Wallace Report.

The first experiment supposed to study the effect of beak size on the bird’s population figures. Deep breaks suit break hard seeds, and short beaks are better matched for breaking gentle seeds. I alter the beak size of Darwin to 17.0mm and allow Wallace Island at 12.0mm. By doing this, the average beak size increased time although varies for Wallace.

The clutch size was altered from 10 eggs to 30 eggs for Darwin and kept at 10 eggs for Wallace, and Darwin population of six hundred and Wallace population two hundred respectively.

The materials, which were used to conduct this experiment included a computer and access to the Evolution Lab available on the student website, furthermore the user can change the following: beak size, variance of beak size in the population, heritability of the mid- parent beak size, clutch size, island size, population of the finches to start the experiment, and precipitation on the island as it affect the harness of seeds.

The numerous combinations of variables, set for two different islands lends for hours of combinations and sorting of information.

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The different method this experiment used to narrow down the countless option was to focus first on the beak size and precipitation for Darwin Island by changing the variables, recording the field notes for the population in 100 years. I could input the two sizes into the data to come up with the consequences as how the population increases with each size.

In summary, the theory was accepted that the ecological aspect performs a crucial role in the survival of the birds. The clutch size is important in finding if the population of the birds goes vanished on either island. Clutch size is quantity of eggs that a female bird lays in her nesting and in these types of experiment, birds mate for life and live for one year and every female generates just one clutch of eggs annually.

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