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Edward Marshall Boehm

Edward Marshall Boehm is a company that is all about delivering quality while focusing on Nature. This report will include the vision, mission, SWOT, internal and external environments, and a strategic decision from my team in specific detail.

Edward Marshall Boehm had a vision that was different from other businesses. Their vision was, “To capture that special moment and setting which conveys the character, charm, and loveliness of a bird or animal in its natural habitat”. This vision was set in order to attract a specific demographic and that was people who enjoy and embrace nature.

Edward Marshall Boehm had a mission that was very similar to its vision. The mission was, “Make the world aware and protective of endangered wildlife by making them aware of nature’s charm”.

I got a quote directly from the company when I called and someone who was very close to Mr. Boehm told me that, “Mr. Boehm wanted to achieve the bigger picture and that was sending his Vision and Mission around to everybody so that people would understand why he does what he does.

You can only tell this to your class but Mr. Boehm would sometimes write personal letters to buyers with both the Vision and Mission written on there. He felt that personally writing that would make customers value their product more and value him more” (Richard Bassel).

As we focused in on the external environments of Edward Marshall Boehm, we found many opportunities and risks. One factor surround Boehm Inc.

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is the market they compete in. Their market is not a very large market. Focusing in on adapting other markets could be very useful to the company and help them grow. One suggestion we have is to adapt into a European environment. By doing so, Boehm Inc. can broaden their line of products and adapt a market that is extremely large.

Having knowledge about your external environments is crucial in business. While looking at retailers that have Boehm’s products I was shocked. There are little to no stores in the states with the most endangered species and nature. There is one store in California, which is the state with the most endangered species. No stores in Colorado, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska. Those states, to me, are arguable some of the most beautiful states when it comes to wildlife and nature. We suggest that Boehm Inc. finds stores that can sell his merchandise in these states. This will make his business grow and most important have more people aware of Boehm’s vision and mission.

When we take a look at Boehm’s internal environment we start at the hard working employees, management, and structure/leadership of the organization. The management of Boehm Inc. is the backbone of the internal environment. One problem we found with Boehm Inc. was the leadership quality. Boehm specifically says, “We want to further the position the company for the long run”. Going along with Boehm’s vision and mission, if his company wanted to plan for the future, what happens when Mr. Boehm passes on? Boehm passed away in 1969.

They still sell his products today but are they selling his products with another vision and mission? If Boehm was so focused on people recognizing his vision and mission, why didn’t he think to have other sculptors come in so that when the time comes they can continue to make products based on his vision? This is a question that cannot be answered but clearly there was a lack of leadership. Boehm used his external environment to make his internal environment better. EX. Boehm found that customers liked his dogs and horses but wanted his birds, so he started creating more exotic and large bird pieces.

As you can see from the diagram above, there are several types of values that when put together determine many different things. Control values are focused on productivity, which lies with management. Ethical values are all about teams and teamwork, which goes with the structure of the company. Development values is all about planning and research which also lies with management. The relation between the internal environment and the external environment has a significant meaning to the overall productivity of the company. All of these values combined help in making decisions and completing long and short-term goals and objectives.

Boehm Inc. has many strengths. The management is a very close related group. They are progressively growing the company looking for more opportunities. The quality of Boehm’s pieces is what pulls them apart from any other company. They are one of a kind pieces. This draws people to want them more and they have a collectors feeling on them. The weaknesses of Boehm Inc. slightly outweigh their strengths. The process of creating their products takes a very long time, which is not what companies usually want. The leadership of the company seems to be lost in a sense. Nobody is taking charge and setting up the company for future success. Since they don’t use technology and it is an old fashioned, a possible competition threat is at risk. Another interesting topic about Boehm is forecasting. The company can’t really forecast their sales because some items may be in demand while others aren’t. Since the process takes a while it puts them in an awkward position.

There are many opportunities for the company. Updating their online store is a start that could make significant progress. New markets are another large opportunity. The company can grow if they decide to search into another market. With the speed of their process being so slow, they might want to look to speed it up some way. This will require significant research and knowledge about a specific plan or plans. Threats for Boehm Inc. are not major but still are nothing to look past. New artists could threaten the company because they could make cheaper products that almost look like “knock-offs”. These would severely damage the company. Substitute materials are another topic that could really hurt Boehm’s company. Instead of high-grade porcelain, other companies could look to use lower grade material but still produce beautiful products.

After completing our SWOT analysis, our team has come up with some options for Boehm to explore. Boehm has a very functional online store. We think that because technology is so important now, Boehm could use the online site for something more than just selling. Boehm’s Vision and Mission, because they were so important should be expressed on the site. By giving a brief description of the animals and nature around them, people can understand the importance of the animal itself and the work that Boehm has done. Secondly Boehm should start immediately to find more artists that can continue creating pieces like Edward Marshall Boehm did.

Not any artist is capable of doing such tasks. These artists must be well known and appreciate the charm of nature and the loveliness of animals. Another suggestion is for Boehm to find more stores to sell his pieces. These stores should be located in the states we mentioned before (Alaska, California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado). Lastly, we think that Mr. Boehm’s company should open a new line of products, Jewelry. Jewelry is always in high demand. By creating a Jewelry line, Boehm Inc. can bring in new customers and another smaller price range of products. By doing so, Boehm’s vision and mission can be carried out in places that have some of the most well known nature and animals around. Boehm should not lose out on their biggest opportunity, to expand into new markets.

Through all of our research and our SWOT analysis, we have come to a specific recommendation. Edward Marshall Boehm should update their online store, so that people have a better understanding of the nature and beauty within the piece. The company should also sell to more states. Especially states that have a large nature aspect to them. Boehm Inc. should also consider looking for new artists with the passion of nature and animals. If they do that, they can continue to grow their product line while bringing in possible new ideas. Another suggestion we have is to consider possible endorsement. Endorsement can bring a lot of awareness to the company. Mr. Boehm wants people to realize the beauty of nature and animals and what better way to do so then endorsement. By doing these things, Edward Marshall Boehm Inc. should be able to continue growing their business while still focusing on Mr. Boehm’s vision and mission which is to appreciate nature and the charm animals and life bring to it.

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