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Computers Science

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (946 words)
Categories: Computer,Computers,Science,Software,Software Engineering,Technology
Downloads: 42
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Living just for existence has never been the objectives of my life.I have always looked forward to get the best out of my life. As a student of Bachelor of Technology in E.I.E(Electronics&Instrumentation Engineering), I look to graduate study to widen my ken, which would facilitate in fulfilling my ambition of doing Master’s program in Computer Science Engineering. Technology and its myriad aspects fascinate me! Specifically the Computers stream that pervades all areas of business in today’s world.

I have been interested in problem solving from a very young age, especially problems related to mathematics. Now that I have completed my bachelor’s degree, and working as a programming developer in Cloud computing Technology for 13 months,has made me to so fascinated for technology and moved my steps towards learning software languages.i feel pursuing masters in Computers would give me an ample scope in fullfilling my dreams as a good developer and have a research project in cloud computing.

Deep in my heart, I feel this inordinate urge to do whatever possible within my reach for the less fortunate would take me forward in achieving my goals. Integrity, both in thought and action has meant everything to me. My strong set of value has helped me grow into a responsible citizen with a keen sense of duty. It has also furthered my thirst for newer horizon. This course is one of them. It’s a pathway to newer grounds, pivotal to both my professional and personal agenda.

My objective for a master’s degree is to get involved in such a course which could help me in achieving my ultimate goal. I believe that a career in such a field in an intellectually stimulating academic environment will offer me an excellent way to contribute my bit to the life long process of development and dissemination of knowledge. I am fully aware of the kind of dedication and hard work needed, and I am confident of meeting the challenges. Interactions with your theoretical & technical expertise of the faculty and the environment in the University will add to my vision. Understanding this quest needs considerable persistence & an infinite capacity to learn. And if at all I can assure you of anything, it is my desire to learn, evinced by the fact, that I have always tried learning, whenever an opportunity presented itself at all points of my life

Why Computers Science? I was thoroughly fascinated by the Computers and technology from my teenage days I always thought that computers was my career option as I was greatly influenced by my brother who is a successful person in this field .But for my undergraduate course I opted for the electronics and instrumentation due to the recession at that time because of which the future in computers was unclear. It was easy for me to go for electronics as it has been my subject of interest next to computers.

I was introduced to the subjects C, Computer Organisation,Micro Processor& Micro Apllications, Java .Especially java in my 4th year of Btech and I started liking the subject instantly because during whole of my life I was amused with the OOPS concepts and its real time implementation in many domains,mobile applications. I wish to join the bandwagon in this field of study and would like to contribute something to it. It was only during my under graduate course that I discovered this to be an apt field of study that suited me and my passion for it grew much stronger and I felt reaching distances in this field is my destiny. so ,I have made ground myself and got successfully placed in multinational company(TCS).

This is the place where i found myself and started developing penchant for programming and decided it as my career for future.As,I had my training in java and later my first project was on Cloud Computing technology,Salesforce( CRM tool) as a developer which has OOPS concepts with apex language as its programming core.My project was on insurance domain.I really felt that this is good opportunity to learn things and grabbed every opportunity to learn the concepts. As it was enterperneur tool , i had a good scope for analysing requirements and work accordingly to complete goals assigned to me on time . I had also pursued DEV 401 certification in Salesforce.This 13 months of job experience has made me to decide that programming would be my passion and decided have concrete skills in programming and decided to pursue masters in computer science.

A thorough browsing through the web pages of your university helped me discover that your university is an ensemble of excellent faculty and innovative research facilities. An environment replete with extensive academic activity and a Master’s program at the cutting edge of every other sub-field further enticed me and motivated me to choose your university. I strongly feel that Masters in Computer Science Engineering Program from your University is a highly structured program because it provides the right balance between theory and practice.A premier seat of knowledge and information derived from the cream of intelligentsia coupled with excellent infrastructure is where I would get ample oppurtunities to apply knowledge and excel my programming skills to be a technical gem.

I write to you with the earnest that my background and qualifications will be found suitable for admission to this prestigious program,Masters in Computer Science Engineering from your University. An assistantship besides providing financial support would give me an invaluable research/ teaching experience. I am keen to be a part of the student community at your esteemed university with suitable financial assistance. I am very much obliged to you for providing me with this opportunity to express myself.

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