The Irresistible Temptation of Chocolate: An Inside Look at the Making

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Who can be able to resist the temptation of chocolate? I bet no one can. However, while you are enjoying your bar, have you ever thought of the making behind? What makes chocolate so delicious? Let’s discover it through the ABC news: http://www. abc. net. au/btn/ Before the video started, I predicted that it would mention about the history and process of making chocolates, expecting it will be interesting and fun to learn.

Indeed, the woman spoke through the video initiated her speech with an introduction of the discovery of chocolates.

What I heard: Originally, it was first found in Central America. The residents discovered Coco which came from a cocaine tree. At the beginning, coco was used in religious ceremonies as offering to gods, and the beans were even used as a form of money! Later on, people made a bitter-tasting drink by grating roasted coco beans with water, which was what they called “Xocolatl”.

Then In the 1500s, a Spanish explorer introduced the chocolate drink to Spain.

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A hundred years later, the rich people in Europe began drinking chocolate in places called the “Chocolate houses”. Later, a Dutch chocolate maker came up with a creative idea by using the Coco butter sitting on the top of the drink to mix it with sugar and grounded coco beans, which then produce chocolate we eat nowadays! However today, I was highly impressed by how chocolates are made in a brand-new way with the emerging technologies.

Listening from a white-headed man named Alistair, who holds a Chocolate factory in Adelaide.

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I’m so pleased to learn and understand the process behind: Firstly, those Coco bean are placed in the storeroom, then they are put in a huge machine to roast and de-shell, which resulted pure chocolate in liquid. The liquid chocolates are mixed with icing sugar and milk powder in the machine until it reaches its right consistency. After extra smoothing, it goes into these bags mixing overnight and pumped into storage tanks.

Through the piles, they are cooled down and dropped into moles. Finally, the finished products are travelled via a conveyer belt and being packed in boxes ready for the shops to sell! What a labouring process! I found this video extra-ordinary since I have never thought of making a chocolate will be that complicated and tedious. So chocoholics! Next time when we’re indulging ourselves in the world of chocolates, let us appreciate the effort behind each delicious bite!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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