25 Virtues

1. ) I believe that compassion is rated very highly and everyone should have it. 2. ) I am painfully honest and will say what’s on my mind, whether it’s nice or mean. 3. ) I believe I am a pretty civil person most of the time, so I believe I have this virtue. 4. ) I am not a punctual person, I try to be there when it’s important but I am not all the time. I believe it is a lowly rated virtue. 5. ) I try my hardest to be responsible seeing as I’m here at college I think that makes me at least a little responsible.

6. ) I try to live my life with high integrity but like most people I fall victim to hypocrisy a lot of the time.

7. ) I believe I am a very loyal person and I think just about everyone should have this virtue, if you’re going to be someone’s friend or date them you should definitely be loyal and devoted to them.

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8. ) I believe I am a very trustworthy person seeing as I am pretty loyal and have a decent idea of responsibility but I also believe this to be a moral value not just a virtue. 9. ) Respect, I try to have some respect for everyone even if they really don’t deserve it, I mean if they didn’t do anything to lose my respect then they should have it right? 10.

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} I’m not sure if I’m humble or not but I try to have at least some humility but more or less I just come off cocky, and arrogant.

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11. ) I believe dedication is the same as loyalty and that you should definitely have it if you are going to be with someone. 12. ) Patience is a virtue is something I been told even as a small child, but is it one of the important ones? I believe it is I mean all good things come in time. I spent 19 years looking for my current girlfriend that’s 19 years of patience looking for the right one so yeah I believe patience is a great virtue. 13.

) Honor is a virtue I hold highly. I am an SCA fencer we pride ourselves here at Silva Vulcani as very honorable and chivalrous people. 14. ) I try to be a kind person, but I am much kinder to my friends and to the animal community then to most people I meet. 15. ) I try to be generous, taking people places with my car without asking for compensation, buying people things they need, you know the small things like lending pencils or paper to people. I believe we can all be a little generous at times, I mean I work in the Calu call center and in there I hope people to be generous.

16. ) I don’t think of courage as a highly rated virtue, I try to be courageous but not many people truly are, they fake it or just plain are not, I just can’t see it being a highly rated virtue with people being like that. 17. ) self control is a very high virtue in my book, without it we would act immature and disobedient, I for one use it every day to avoid conflict with the masses of moronic individuals I see on a regular basis. 18. ) I don’t think flexibility is a very high virtue I believe you should be devoted to one thing but I mean some flexibility doesn’t hurt.

You don’t want to get hung up on the wrong answer or anything I mean. 19. ) I believe I’m pretty resourceful I try my hardest to use all the resources given to me at least. 20. ) I am a pretty reliable person and this kind of goes with being trustworthy and loyal. 21. ) I try to have a tolerance of everyone around me but like everyone, there are some people you just can’t stand. 22. ) I try to be a forgiving person the worst thing to do is be mad at someone who is sorry for what they have done, there really is no one I know of that I hate for being sorry for what they did. 23.

) I try to be graceful being a fencer that’s something we are supposed to do naturally but truth is I’m just not that graceful. I am more of a heavy set fighter and like to be the oddball I believe it’s more fun that way. 24. ) faith is not one I have unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in other people, I believe they need to earn my faith like my loyalty or forgiveness it’s just how I am. 25. ) I try to show mercy to those around me, in fencing I need to show mercy to those who are new to the sport, I don’t want to scare them away I think they should enjoy themselves not fear their opponents.

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