RCC Jazz in Concert Essay

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RCC Jazz in Concert

On October 20, I attended a concert by the RCC Jazz in featuring Lanny Morgan at the Digital Library Auditorium. The name of group members which are used were Doug Webb (Tenor Sax), Tom Ranier (piano), Chuck Berhofer (bass), and Steve Schaeffer (drum “The Magic Flea” is an upbeat tempo song with mostly eighth notes, it features the Lanny Morgan as the guest artist on the alto sax. It has many key changes in the solo that he tore through liked pro, Smack Dab in the Middle. This song was a mid tempo song, closer to the paid back style of playing features accidentals to make a jazzy sound out the piece, “Better Days Ahead”. This song featured the guitar. The soprano sax played as lead accompanied by the first trumpet and the first trombone. Sam Nestoco, Pat Metheng, Morgan Luwis, Dave Wolpe they are all composers of the Jazz. Sometime, the rhythm section got off beat, but got back on. The base player was out of tune in the first song, which made the dynamics great.

They were intense with short notes, crescendos, and stopping at the same time. In “The Magic Flea”, the melody was fast pace with eighth notes, and usually ending in a long note, or Staccato note. In “Smack Dab in The Middle” the Melody was laid back to correspond with the beat. It has two key changes, which are concert F, and concert A Flat,” Better Days Ahead” had a pushing tempo, with the guitar as the melody. The guitar player was a great soloist, who used many eight and sixteen notes. He played many notes that amazing in the chords the Sax player in the Smack Dab in The Middle used repetition to make his solo interesting. He hit a few high notes that matched perfect with the chords. Attending this concert taught me how talented these students are with their improvisation and great feel of time.

They created a story with the music as it flowed while featuring individuals. I learned dynamics make a different when controlling the intensity of the piece. I learned that phrasing plays a huge part in Jazz by making epic stops learned that certain notes are perfect in key changes, and some create a Jazz tone that separates the genre from others. I also learned that the drummer contributes to determining how loud and soft the band gets. At the end of the performance, I was glad I had attended. It was an interesting and entertaining performance. I was able to speak briefly with the musicians before leaving the concert. They were very helpful in answering my questions about the Jazz music. This was my first experience hearing live jazz in the concert. I enjoyed both the music and the ambiance of the concert, and I plan to return there soon.

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