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Rape and Behavioral Changes Essay

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Rape and Behavioral Changes

In this century, the term rape is common in every part of the world. According to a Firstpost. India, (2013), approximately 68,000 rape cases were reported alone in India during 2009-2012. But only 16,000 cases were sentenced. This shows how serious the rape cases are. Nowadays in different parts of the country, where these types of crimes are increasing, woman’s live in fear. They have no idea where, when or whom will attack them. For anyone it can be the most torturing and disgusting that would happen in their life. Rapists should be punished in such a way that no one else would ever think about committing a rape.

But, without harsh actions, the situation will not improve and women’s protection will stay as an incomplete hallucination. Firstly, people should learn how to take such cases seriously, most importantly police. It can be one of the easiest ways to reduce such crimes. Some people say that, rape is not equal to murder, so death penalty is not suitable for this. In my opinion those people who commit this crime does not deserve any respect to live. It is because, the victim suffers a lot throughout her life, and they lose trust and self confidence in themselves.

Victims try to suicide or they are even murdered, moreover effects on children due to physical attack, and other kinds of social complications. The victim suffers a lot through her life due to rape. Since the childhood, children are told to ignore strangers who offers them sweets, as for teenagers in this century, they need to be very careful who they have relationships with, it will not be too difficult to understand what I am saying. As there is news everywhere about some close friend or someone who you believe as a family member raped someone.

According to Barker (2012), 73% of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows somehow. And two-thirds of rapes are committed by someone well-known to the victim. Everyone’s life is valuable, no one have the right to take the life from them. Pregnancy and other kinds of physical damages are suffered by victims. If the victim is alive, remembrance of such assaults is tormenting. This may even lead to brain damages. So due to this those people who commit the murder have no right to live. Secondly, when someone goes through such kinds of mistreatment, the victim find it difficult to trust anyone.

They wish to stay alone; in addition the victim loses him or her self-confidence. In order to continue their life, a lot of self-confidence is important. Or else there will not be any success in life, rather down-fall. They may even feel angry and shame, due to this they may try to seek revenge. This may lead to unexpected downfall in the society. Thus, the whole future of the victim is ruined, because in most of the cases the victim is ignored by the society. Some people believe that hanging the rapist, will not stop them. But in my opinion they will step back, this will reduce the crime rate.

At the same time, victims commit suicide or they are even murdered. According to Mulugeta, Kassave & Berhane (1998), In Ethiopia, 6% of raped schoolgirls reported having attempted suicide. Now think how much it might have increased until 2013. Victims feel humiliated to talk about what had happened to them. And rapists murder the victim inorder to hide their mistake. Or else they want to unidentified. Letting the rapists walk freely will result in, repeating of such cases by the same person. This will lead to fear in the society. You may see in everyday news, people protesting against the rapists.

But the justice is not given to these people. In contrast, physical attack on children or infants may lead to different problems such as, anxiety, behavioral changes, depression, eating disorders, school learning problems and many more. This might affect the growth of the child. Ancestral rape has been shown to be one of the supreme life threatening forms of juvenile distress, a trauma that repeatedly does serious and long-standing emotional loss, mainly in the incident of maternal incest. A murder is like abolishing the physical frame of the victim such as rape degrades the helpless life of the victim.

To this end, there are many social problems faced due to such cases. It could spread dangerous diseases, such as HIV. This is a fact that should not be ignored. Moreover, if these people are set free, chances of increase in crime rates is high. For example, the rapists go into the jail due to committing this crime, but he is let out after few weeks or years, then the first think in his mind will be taking the revenge from that person who let him into the jail. This is a fact that everyone believes. In addition, social problems, like murder will occur.

The parent or anyone closer to the victim, may murder the rapists. This will lead to many other problems which do not have an end. To conclude, letting the rapists walk freely is dangerous for both society and the victim. Since we have no idea what type of a crime will he commit next. Similarly, crime that rapists commit cannot be forgiven, they should be hanged. Since, due to such crime, the victim suffers a lot, such as physical damages, behavioral changes and mind damages. Moreover, victim loses her self-confidence which will lead loss of future to the victim if victim tries to seek revenge.

Furthermore, victims of such crimes commit suicide, which is unacceptable for the family of the victim. A physical attack on infants and children ruins their childhood, leading problems of education, distress, and loss of self-esteem. Continuing the discussion it also causes many social problems in the society as well as the country. This includes, women’s and children living in fear, spread of dangerous diseases such as HIV, murders and many more. Finally, in my opinion a rapist does not deserve to live, as I believe that raping is equal to the murder and an action to stop such people should be taken seriously.

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