Ramjibhai Vasava Case Essay

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Ramjibhai Vasava Case

The case is about situation of the farm of Ramjibhai vasada. He is a farmer from village kavachiya in Bharuch district. He is matriculate and employed under village extension scheme. His family members are engaged in their own work so ramjibhai is not having much family member. He is having 8 acres of land divided in 4parts. Out of 4 3farms have irrigation facilities while the other one doesn’t have the facility in farm no 2 Ramjibhai takes the crop of juwar and tuwar in kharif and in rabi he takes the variety of crops like vegetables, condiments cereals and oil seeds. This farm gets the benefit of irrigation in normal season. In farm3,he has planted eucalyptus tree and for transplanting the sapling he needs 60 worker for 2days. He expects the return of 25000 from it. But the trader is offering only 15000 so he didn’t find it worth while. In farm1 he has planted 25 mango trees and later on he added rajapuri Ramjibhai is in a problem that what to do with farm3 because eucalyptus tree didn’t prove worth while.


Objectives are the aim which person wants to achieve at the end of task
1. To maximize the return
2. To utilize the available facilities like irrigation
Problems are the obstacles which restricts us from attaining the objectives
1. Labour is main problem of ramjibhai because he himself is employed
2. Time is also an obstacle
3. Scarcity of water is also problem when there is less rainfall
4. One farm is not having a irrigation facility
* No family member available to look after the Farming activity Criteria
1. Quick returns
2. Comparative cost and returns
3. Fodder for the animals
1. Taking rabi and kharif crops in farm no3 because it have irrigation facility
2. Proper plantation of flower trees
3. Make a partnership with other farmer and sharing the profit Action plan
Take a crop of paddy, juwar and tuwar because ramjibhai is having the experience if these crop.
So it is better to go for it. Contingency plan
If anyone of this is not possible then it is desirable to give the land on lease and enjoy the safety.

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