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Ramji Bhai Vasava

G.H.Patel Post Graduate Institute of Business Management, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Anand In the undivided Bombay province was worked out to build earthen dams and problems faced while building a dam across the rivers Lokmata and Sadmata in northern Gujarat and further issues encountered while a proposal is made to raise the control levels of it. The objective of the case is to maximize the irrigation potential of the dam while respecting the religious sentiments of the people. The options are either to implement the former plan in its present form or the latter by convincing the people of its benefits and deal with the issues faced. The conclusion is to try and implement the new plan resulting in maximization of irrigation and revenues. PROPOSAL 1 PROPOSAL 2 Approximate cost – 1.7 Approximate cost – 1.9 Water impound – 4700 Water impound –5700 Full supply level -592 Full supply level-595 Highest flood level-596 highest flood level-606 OBJECTIVES

* Government aim for economic development through agricultural development. * Build the dam
* Opposition of people to temple getting submerged
* People getting affected due to submerge of villages
* Location of dam
* Maximum irrigation
* Minimum people affected
* Maximum returns
* Minimum time
* Minimum cost
* Minimum people affected
* Minimum cost
* Minimum time
* Minimum returns
* Maximum irrigation
* Convincing villages to shift temple
* Resettlement of affected people
* Raising height of the temple

Government should follow proposal 1 as temple was saved using gates from flood so that minimum people are affected so the cost incurred is also low and the time required is minimum and also there is irrigation which leads to economic development. CONTINGENCY PLAN

* Raising height of the temple
* Go with proposal 2 if proposal 1 does not work

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